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ARCHIVES: 2008-09


The und.com video crew has arrived in Ann Arbor – both teams are out on the field warming up and it is a beautiful day!. We will have post game interviews, the post game press conference with Coach Weis and highlights of the game posted as soon as we can after completion of the game.


This will be the last quiet weekend for the Irish football team – and und.com – for the next three months. Kickoff of the season opener against Nevada is just about eight days away. The football team will go through its game day routine on Saturday in Notre Dame Stadium, run and lift on Sunday, take Monday off then begin their final three practices on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Nevada.

Wondering what coverage und.com is planning this year? Look no farther than the game week coverage plan we created today. Though we are biased, we believe that und.com provides the most video coverage, both live and post-produced, of the Notre Dame football team on the world wide web.

We’ll take this final weekend to recharge, but we are also beginning our live video coverage. The University of Notre Dame volleyball team begins its season this weekend and you can .

All live video and audio coverage is available on the front page of und.com – find the ‘Athletics this Week’ tab and click on the ‘Listen’ or ‘Watch’ icon.

MONDAY – TRAINING CAMP ENDS (8-24-09) 3:00 p.m. ET

Today marks the official end of training camp for the football team. Beginning on Tuesday, Aug. 25, the team will enter its typical game week cycle with late afternoon practices and post-practice interview sessions. The entire media schedule is not determined at this time, but the practice on Tuesday will be open to the media for 40-45 minutes. The rest of the week’s media availability is still TBA.

Today, we put together and entire recap of the preseason practice video coverage we have produced so far in August. Just click here and you can catch up on anything you might have missed – it is all broken down by subject matter – and should be a good reference for preseason analysis before the team opens up against Nevada on Sept. 5.

We are finalizing our coverage schedule for the season right now, but you can count on from the und.com video crew in 2009 –

  • Our traditional practice reports
  • Live press conference coverage on Tuesday of each game week and home football post game press conferences
  • We will be on the road for each game this season, providing coverage of the post game press conference, player reactions and game highlights
  • Complete coverage of home football weekends, including the Kickoff Luncheon, pep rally speeches and exclusive interviews.
  • Full and exclusive coverage of Coach Weis from his wrap up press conference on Sunday and his post practice session on Thursday evening.
  • For home football weekends, video coverage of the Official Notre Dame Football Post Game Show, which includes the post game press conference, highlights and exclusive analysis from former Irish All-Americans Reggie Brooks and Mirko Jurkovic.

There is more, much more available each week, including live audio coverage of the football coaches radio show. Just stay tuned to und.com and this space for further details.

Coming up later today – Coach Weis meets with the media to discuss the end of training camp – and possibly goes into any changes that might have occurred to the Irish depth chart.

WEDNESDAY – FOOTBALL RECAP (8-19-09) 10:30 a.m. ET

The und.com video crew has been busy during the start of fall football camp. While the Irish have only been force inside one time in the first 10 days of practice because of rain in the South Bend area, und.com has continued to bring you exclusive coverage as the Irish prepare for the 2009 football season. We have posted the daily practice report pages; this is your gateway to the various videos we have produced so far this season. Check back with us, as we will bring you updated content throughout the football season.

SUNDAY – FOOTBALL CATCH UP (8-9-09) 5:30 p.m. ET

It has only been three days, but we have produced a ton of football content for the Irish fans out there thus far. Hopefully, the list of videos on the right will match the following list – and you can make sure that you did not miss anything.

The warm and extremely humid conditions on Sunday played havoc with our cameras out on the practice field. We will begin our focus on each team’s specialty group (starting with the offensive line) on Monday, Aug. 10.

FRIDAY – FOOTBALL BEGINS! (8-7-09) 4:45 p.m. ET

Been a busy day today for the und.com video crew. Best thing to do is visit THIS PAGE. It has all the links you need from today – the presser, the transcript, the podcast and the assistant coach interviews.

We’ll be right back at it tomorrow with player interviews and the first practice report.

THURSDAY – TOMMY Z’S PUNT RETURN #2 (8-6-09) 1:20 p.m. ET

We are up to #2 on the greatest plays countdown – and it is one of the favorites of the und.com video crew. takes second place on the list. First thing tomorrow we will unveil the greatest play of the Weis era, as voted on by Irish fans on und.com. Then we will have live at 12 noon ET.

If you want to catch up with the entire greatest plays countdown – this is the page to visit. You can watch all the nominations there if you wish, including an additional punt return from Zbikowski against Tennessee in ’05.

WEDNESDAY – QUINN DRIVE #3 (8-5-09) 11:45 a.m. ET

The against USC in 2005 comes in at #3 on the list of top plays from the Weis era today. Tomorrow, we will unveil #2 (hint: it is from the same game) and we will have #1 for our fans on Friday – the same day our daily football coverage starts as Coach Weis holds his first press conference of the season live on und.com at 12 noon ET.

We also have had a couple more Notre Dame players named to various watch list this week. Jimmy Clausen is on the O’Brien list – and we have a quick highlight package of him ready to go. Armando Allen has been selected to the Doak Walker list and we are putting together a highlight package for the speed running back today.

UPDATED – is now up and running.

TUESDAY – LAMBERT VS. MSU (8-4-09) 10:55 a.m. ET

It is one of the top plays not only of the Weis era, but Notre Dame history as well. In at #4 on the countdown of greatest plays of the Weis era is Terrail Lambert’s to post the game-winning points at Michigan State in 2006.

Check out the official release for access to a few more videos we produced on that rainy day back in 2006.

MONDAY – VIEWER FEEDBACK (8-3-09) 1:30 p.m. ET

We received a little viewer feedback today –
“I think you guys are doing awesome especially with the new playing format because in the past it would freeze my computer up. Now it is efficient and great!

I was hoping you could do a quick tour of the GUG for those that don’t have the access. Just a thought.

Thanks again”

– Christopher N.

Thanks for the kind words Christopher. We have been contemplating a tour of The Gug for the past few years – and we will add it to our to-do list. Thinking back through all the videos we have done, you can get a quick glimpse of The Gug hallways from 2008 football signing day. We tacked that video onto the right side of this page in the Flash player for those interested in seeing it there as well.

Keep the e-mails coming – the address is right at the top of the page.


Here is a quick overview of the football fall practice schedule for the month of August. The tims have been omitted as some days they will change, but this should give you a good guide as to what video content to expect on a day-to-day basis in August. Remember, the best way to know when we post new video is to sign up to follow us on Twitter. We will send out a Tweet each time we post new content – and of course it will show up on this page as well.

Friday, Aug. 7 – Coach Weis Press Conference, Assistant Coach Interviews
Saturday, Aug. 8 – Player Interviews, Practice Report
Sunday, Aug. 9 – Player Interviews, Practice Report
Monday, Aug. 10 – Coach Weis, Practice Report
Tuesday, Aug. 11 – Offensive Players/Coaches, Practice Report
Wednesday, Aug. 12 – Defensive Players/Coaches, Practice Report
Thursday, Aug. 13 – Special Team Interviews, Practice Report
Friday, Aug. 14 – Coach Weis, Practice Report
Saturday, Aug. 15 – Entire Morning Practice Open to Media
Sunday, Aug. 16 – Practice Closed (no new video content)
Monday, Aug. 17 – Coach Weis, Offensive Players, Practice Report
Tuesday, Aug. 18 – Defensive Players/Specialists, Practice Report
Wednesday, Aug. 19 – Assistant Coaches, Practice Report
Thursday, Aug. 20 – Coach Weis, Captains, Leadership Committee, Practice Report
Friday, Aug. 21 – Freshmen Media Day, Practice Report
Saturday, Aug. 22 – Team Off (no new video content)
Sunday, Aug. 23 – Practice Closed (no new video content)
Monday, Aug. 24 – Coach Weis, Practice Report
Tuesday, Aug. 25 – Offensive Players/Coaches, Practice Report
Wednesday, Aug. 26 – Defensive Players/Coaches, Practice Report
Thursday, Aug. 27 – Special Teams, Practice Report
Friday, Aug. 28 – Practice Closed (no new video content)
Saturday, Aug. 29 – Practice Closed (now new video content)
Sunday, Aug. 30 – Team Off, Coach Weis

As mentioned, this is just a guide to know what you can expect from day-to-day – it is always subject to change. Und.com is the only site on the internet not restricted to the length of our content (all other media entities are limited to three minutes of footage a day). Und.com also is the only place to watch or listen to all of the meetings between Coach Weis and the media.


Back to work on Monday (one of the final weekends off of the year for the und.com video crew) and back to the greatest plays of the Weis era countdown. At #5 today .

We also want to bring some attention to a video that might have slipped through the cracks – we caught up with the men’s basketball team during one of their . Just one of several different workout routines the Irish go through during the summer to keep in shape – and remember, the team will be playing in a revamped Joyce Center this year!


We have reached the end of the first week of announcements for the greatest plays of the Weis era. After gathering over 13,000 votes from you, the fans, we have announced the first five (you can see them all below, or in the video player on the top right hand side of the page).

Number six on the list today from the 2005 Washington game.

Watch the video and it will explain the entire story. If you want a more in-depth history of the play, check out ESPN’s feature on the play from 2005.

And as we have for most of the week – we have bonus highlight for the video blog visitors today. So far this week we have posted Golden Tate, Michael Floyd and Kyle Rudolph highlights. Today, we present a few of the top highlights returning to the team in 2009.

Remember, the greatest plays countdown will take a break over the weekend and resume on Monday. And at just about this time next week (12 noon, Aug. 7) Coach Weis will hold his first press conference of the season live on und.com.


The countdown marches on to the top play of the Weis era – and today is the second moment from Notre Dame’s 49-21 thrashing of Hawai’i in the 2008 Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl – for an 18-yard touchdown pass just before halftime. from later in that same game was voted as #10 on the list of greatest plays of the Weis era earlier this week.

The touchdown hook up before halftime was the second of three scoring plays that Clausen and Tate would team up on during the contest. which was part of the nomination process for the greatest plays project.

By now you might know that sophomore Kyle Rudolph was named to the 2009 Mackey Award watchlist. And, of course, we have a of him from his outstanding rookie season ready to go.

We will have the sixth-best play of the Weis era for everyone tomorrow, then the countdown will take a break over the weekend (the last off weekend for the Irish football team) and resume on Monday, Aug. 3.


We are continuing the Greatest Plays of the Weis Era countdown today – number eight on the list is . Possibly the worst replay decision of all time, as far as the und.com video crew is concerned.

We also have another bonus highlight package for you today – during the 2008 season. With Floyd and Golden Tate running routes for Jimmy Clausen this fall – along with emerging sophomore tight end Kyle Rudolph – hopefully we will have plenty of highlights to post in 2009.

One more announcement – football practice starts on Aug. 8, but the media day activities actually begin on Friday, Aug. 7, when Coach Weis holds his opening press conference. Of course, we will be there to broadcast it live on und.com – and remember, und.com is the only place on the world wide web that carries all of the meetings that Coach Weis holds with the media in their entirety – including podcasts.


Notre Dame starts practice for the 2009 season on Saturday, Aug. 8 – just 11 days away. There are only nine business days left – and our countdown of the greatest plays of the Charlie Weis era – as voted on by Irish fans, continued with #9 – from the 2007 Stanford game. Funny how these crazy lateral-return type of plays seem to happen to the Cardinal.

We also have a nice bonus for those visiting und.com today – a compilation of the top highlights from Golden Tate’s .

Speaking of Mr. Tate – here is a und.com classic from the spring – a little video diary as Golden plays both football and baseball on the same as the Blue-Gold Game.


If you have kept up with this page, you know that we launched our redesign of und.com on July 8th – and we also asked for Irish fans to vote for the greatest plays of the Charlie Weis era. We listed 30 plays to choose from, now the voting has concluded and we can unveil the top 10 over the next 10 business days until fall practice begins on Aug. 8.

The first one up – and #10 on the list – is to end Notre Dame’s scoring against Hawai’i in the Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl. It was the first kick return for the Irish since 2002.

Check back tomorrow for #9…


While the official Notre Dame Football season does not start until Labor Day weekend (with practice starting on Aug. 8), there are Notre Dame football players in action right now. To celebrate the 75th year of American football in Japan, the Notre Dame Football Legends are taking on the Japanese Senior National Team in the Tokyo Dome on Saturday, July 25th. Lou Holtz, recently enshrined into the College Football Hall of Fame, is leading the Irish into the contest.

Und.com is keeping up with the activities in Tokyo as best we can. This page provides a handy link to all of the updates we will receive from Japan. Our cameras were at the team’s practices on campus .

The Notre Dame Japan Bowl has been in the works for awhile, with the official announcement of the game coming around the time of the Blue-Gold Game. and we did a .


Just got the press conference from Yankee Stadium uploaded on the site. and it is also available on the right side of the page. We have some good footage of the press conference, Coach Weis meeting some of the Yankee players during batting practice and a short one-on-one interview with Coach Weis.


The internet rumors are true – Notre Dame will play Army in Yankee Stadium next season. The Irish and Black Knights will renew their legendary college football rivalry on November 20, 2010.

There is no better time than now to look back at one of the greatest rivalries in college football history. The Notre Dame – Army series has provided several signature moments for both programs. For the Irish, it includes that established Notre Dame as a national football power. There is the in New York when the famed Four Horsemen burst onto the national scene. In 1928, at Yankee Stadium, providing a cultural reference that is still in use today. Also, you cannot overlook the that the Irish and Black Knight battled to after the completion of World War II.

So take a look back at the Notre Dame – Army series now on und.com (all videos are available on the right side of the page, or via the deep links). We plan to have footage from the press conference available later this evening.

WEDNESDAY – A PERFECT GAME? (7-15-09) 12:20 p.m. ET

We all know that the Notre Dame offense was as efficient as we have seen it during the Charlie Weis Era in the 2008 Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. Looking at the final stats, Irish quarterback Jimmy Clausen was 22-26 for 401 yards and five touchdowns – but all four of those missed passes actually hit his receivers hands.

We thought it would be interesting to go back, put all the throws together in one video and see if Clausen really did throw a perfect game in the Hawaii Bowl. Now you can watch it and decide for yourself.

You now have two options to view the videos we talk about here in the video blog. We will still put in deep links () that will launch the All-Access media player. You also will be able to view 20 of the most recent videos reference on the right side of this page in our new Flash media player.


If your found your way to this page, you have seen the new look of und.com. Both the editorial crew from CBS Interactive, the Notre Dame Sports Information Office and the und.com Video Crew are happy with the results of three months of work – and hopefully the Fighting Irish faithful like the new site as well.

From a multimedia perspective, the key part of the redesign is our new Flash Media Player – which enables our video content to be viewed quicker, and the ability to vote for the top plays of the Charlie Weis Era. There are 30 plays to choose from – and fans might find it difficult to vote for just 10 of them. We will end the voting on July 24th, then unveil the top 10 plays – as voted on by the fans – in the 10 work days before the football team takes the field for their first practice of 2009 on Aug. 8.

MONDAY – NEW UND.COM COMING SOON (7-6-09) 4:45 p.m. ET

The summer, believe it or not, is actually winding down for the und.com video crew. This week, und.com launches its new redesign with an updated look, easier navigation and a brand-new media player for our Irish faithful. We don’t want to give too much away, but the new look with be sleeker and the new media player will prove to be much easier to use for our fans.

During the summer, the video crew winds down from the grind of the academic year and now we are poised for more coverage of Fighting Irish Athletics in 2009-10, including the start of preseason football camp on August 7. We will of course be there for full coverage – and here are some dates to keep and eye on –
Friday, Aug. 7 – Coach Weis and his assistant coaches meet with the media starting at 12 noon
Saturday, Aug. 8 – Selected returning players available and the first practice report of 2009-10
Saturday, Aug. 15 – Morning workout session (starting at 9 a.m.) open to the media and und.com cameras
Friday, Aug. 21 – Freshmen media day – first day the rookies get to talk to the media

In addition to the relaunch of the site on Wednesday, July 8th, Irish football fans will be able to vote for the top 10 plays of the Charlie Weis Era. We gathered 30 plays, now you need to pick the top 10. That page will be unveiled on the relaunch date – so look forward to that as well.

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