Jimmy Clausen leads the WRs and QBs through warm up drills at Notre Dame football practice.

Football Open Practice Update - Aug. 15

Aug. 15, 2009

The University of Notre Dame football team appeared before its fans in Notre Dame Stadium today for the squad’s lone open practice of the preseason schedule. Starting at 9 a.m. ET Saturday morning, the Irish worked through a two hour practice which featured live 11 vs. 11 drills, the highly competitive Irish Eyes drills and several one-on-one drills.

The und.com cameras were there to capture all of the action. First up is the traditional practice report, which offers a preview of all the action we will post in today’s update…


As part of our exclusive breakdown of practice, you can check out the wide receivers and defensive backs going at each other in their workout session –


The offensive line and defensive line also went at each other in a one-on-one drill –


A favorite of practice observers is always the ‘Irish Eyes’ drill, which features and offensive player against a defensive player with a ball carrier. It is one of the most competitive drills the Irish run at practice –


Finally, here is the highlights from the ‘team drills’ – when the Irish went head to head (either 11 vs. 11 or 7 vs. 7) –


The team’s practice on Sunday, August 16, is closed to all media members and cameras, so the daily updates will return on Monday, Aug. 17.

If you are just joining us for our daily updates, here is a complete list of links that will take you to the previous updates we have released in August…

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