Lindsey Ferguson finished sixth in the women's 3000 meters at the Meyo Invitational.

Sub-Four Minute Mile, Track Record Highlight Final Day of Meyo Invitational

Feb. 6, 2010

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NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Track fans at the Loftus Sports Center were treated to a record-setting meet Saturday as the Meyo Invitational wrapped up its 23rd edition.

On top of some of the nation’s best collegiate marks, Alabama’s Kirani James set the current world’s fastest 400-meter time at 45.79 and Purdue’s Brianna Neumann broke the Meyo track women’s pole vault record with a mark of 4.21m (13-9 3/4).

For the Irish, Jack Howard ran the nation’s fourth-fastest 800-meter time and set an NCAA provisional qualifying mark of 1:48.60, while Nevada Sorenson qualified for the NCAA Championships in the 60-meter hurdles with a time of 8.41.

The Irish will take next week off before competing at the BIG EAST Championships Feb. 20-21 in New York.

Men’s Long Jump: Louisville took four of the top five spots with Tone Belt leading the pack at 7.78m (25-6 1/4), followed by Wesley Smith in second at 7.63m (25-0 1/2) and Rudon Bastian in third with a mark of 7.60m (24-11 1/4). Purdue’s Rashad Cannon tied the Cardinals’ Andre Black for fourth at 7.48m (24-6 1/2). Justin Schneider finished 32nd with a jump of 6.23m (20-5 1/4).

Women’s Triple Jump: Purdue’s Nkeiru Ugwoaba was the top jumper with a mark of 12.63m (41-05 1/4), followed by Southern Miss’s Ashley May in second at 12.60m (41-4 1/4) and the Boilermakers’ Christina Madison in third at 12.52m (41-01). Jasmine Williams finished 25th at 11.32m (37-01 3/4), and Lauren Leniart was 33rd with a jump of 10.80m (35-05 1/4).

Men’s Triple Jump: Louisville’s Andre Black notched the top mark at 15.79m (51-9 3/4), followed by DePaul’s Joseph Strawder in second at 15.33m (50-3 1/2) and Ole Miss’s Morris Kersh in third at 15.30m (50-2 1/2). Patrick Glass finished 19th with a mark of 12.89m (42-3 1/2).

Women’s High Jump: Indiana’s Ashley Rhoades was the top jumper with a mark of 1.83m (6-0), followed by Louisville’s Rachel Gehret in second at 1.78m (5-10) and Marquette’s Erynn James in third at 1.75m (5-8 3/4). Maddie Buttinger finished 21st with a height of 1.65m (5-5), while Kendra Jennings was 28th at 1.60m (5-3).

Men’s High Jump: Ole Miss’s Brian Knight was the top jumper with a mark of 2.24m (7-04 1/2), followed by Purdue Geoffery Davis in second at 2.17m (7-01 1/2) and Indiana State’s Major Clay in third at 2.17m (7-01 1/2). Doug Onuscheck finished 12th at 2.01m (6-07).

Men’s Pole Vault: Darren Niedermeyer, competing unattached, was the top vaulter with a mark of 5.39m (17-8 1/4), followed by Joe Samaniuk, also unattached, and Purdue’s Eric Sparks tied for second at 5.20m (17-0 3/4). Kevin Schipper finished fourth with a mark of 5.20m (17-0 3/4). Jim Merchun was 19th at 4.75m (15-7), and Andrew Kolbeck finished 20th at 4.60m (15-1).

Women’s Pole Vault: Purdue’s Brianna Neumann set a Meyo Track record with a pole vault jump of 4.21m (13-9 3/4). Former Irish All-American Mary Saxer, competing unattached, and Minnesota’s Alicia Rue tied for second at 4.15m (13-7 1/4), followed by Vera Neuenswander, unattached, in fourth at 4.15m (13-7 1/4) and the Golden Gophers’ Samantha Sonnenberg in fifth at 4.00m (13-1 1/2). Annie Polcari finished 14th at 3.55m (11-7 3/4), Chrissy Finkel was 20th at 3.40m (11-1 3/4) and Rikki Lynn London was 23rd with a height of 3.40m (11-1 3/4).

Men’s Weight Throw: Kevin Becker, competing unattached, won the event with a toss of 20.15m (66-1 1/2). DePaul’s Brad Miller was second at 19.49m, and Kent State’s Tony Connor was third with a mark of 18.93m (62- 1/4). John Belcher finished fourth at 18.71m (61-4 3/4), and Greg Davis was fifth at 18.26m (59-11). Denes Veres finished ninth with a mark of 17.67m (57-11 3/4), Mitchell Gormley was 13th at 17.37m (57-0), Andrew Hills finished 22nd at 14.61m (47-11 1/4) and Mike Smigelski was 24th at 14.50m (47-7).

Women’s Shot Put: Louisville’s Jere’ Summers was the top thrower with an NCAA automatic qualifying mark of 17.00m (55-9 1/4). Illinois’ Aja Evans was second at 15.72m (51-7), followed by the Cardinals’ D’Ana McCarty in third at 15.53m (50-11 1/2). Rudy Atang finished 13th at 14.03m (46-0 1/2), Jaclyn Espinoza finished 17th 13.75m (45-1 1/2) and Madeline Casanova finished 35th at 11.40m (37-5).

Men’s Shot Put: Michigan’s Sean Pruitt won the event with a toss of 17.92m (58-9 1/2). Missouri’s Andy Oaker finished second at 17.23m (56-06 1/2), followed by teammate Corey Jones in third at 16.97m (55-08 1/4). Louisville’s Weston Banks finished fourth with a mark of 16.63m (54-06 3/4), and Denes Veres was fifth at 16.61m (54-06). Andrew Hills finished eighth at 16.31m (53-06 1/4), John Belcher was ninth at 16.18m (53-01) and Anthony Thomas finished 30th with a toss of 13.44m (44-01 1/4).

Women’s 60m Hurdles: Alabama’s Kimberly Laing won the final heat with a time of 8.35, followed by Nevada Sorenson in second at an NCAA provisional qualifying time of 8.41 and Illinois’ Tamika Robinson in third at 8.46. In the preliminary heats, Maddie Buttinger finished 35th with a time of 9.42, and Sasha Blanchard was 38th in 9.49.

Men’s 60m Hurdles: Brooks’ Rick Pinkney was the top hurdler in the finals with a time of 7.83. Eastern Michigan’s Vanier Joseph finished second at 7.97, Purdue’s Josh Hembrough was third at 8.08, Iowa’s Jordan Mullen finished fourth in 8.16 and Michigan’s Carl Buchanan finished fifth with at time of 8.06. Justin Schneider ran a preliminary time of 8.88 to finish 33rd.

Women’s 60m: Southern Miss’s Chastity Riggien was the top sprinter with a time of 7.39, followed by Louisville’s Saravia Richardson finished second at 7.41 and Minnesota’s Kylie Peterson was third at 7.46. Eastern Michigan’s Ashlee Abraham was fourth at 7.55, while Michigan State’s Erica Mann finished fifth in 7.551.

Men’s 60m: Alabama’s Ray Jadusingh was the top runner with a time of 6.71, followed by Illinois’ Andrew Riley in second at 6.74 and Eastern Michigan’s Clint Allen in third at 6.78. In the preliminary heats, Tyrell Atkins finished 35th with a time of 7.12, while Sean Lindbloom was 49th at 7.46.

Women’s 200m: Southern Miss’s Tor Bowie was the top runner with a time of 24.08, followed by Windsor’s Noelle Montcalm in second at 24.10 and Louisville’s Saravia Richardson in third at 24.19. Southern Miss’s Chastity Riggien was fourth in 24.391 and Michigan State’s Charelise Davis was fifth in 24.395.

Men’s 200m: Ohio State’s Curtis Leuenberger won the event with a time of 21.50, followed by Ole Miss’s Jonathan Juin in second at 21.55 and Eastern Michigan’s Ackeem Forde in third at 21.56. Tyrell Atkins finished 30th with a time of 22.51.

Women’s 400m: Ole Miss’s LaJada Baldwin was the top finisher with a time of 53.36, followed by Joanna Schultz in second at 53.36 and Tulsa’s Jennifer Mace in third at 53.85. Missouri’s Lana Mims finished fourth in 54.62 and Minnesota’s Alena Brooks was fifth at 55.04. Samantha Williams finished 46th with a time of 58.09.

Men’s 400m: Alabama’s Kirani James set the world’s current fastest collegiate time with mark of 45.79 to win the event. Ohio State’s Thomas Murdaugh finished second in 46.43, and Iowa’s Steven Willey was third in 47.22. Edward Hitchler finished 26th with a time of 48.92, Alex Korenstra was 32nd in 49.25, Brendan Dougherty was 37th at 49.49, Matthew Brown finished 38th at 49.49, Eric Roth finished 59th in 50.73 and Ronnie Kadykowski was 64th with a time of 51.79.

Women’s 800m: Missouri’s Shannon Leinert won the event with an NCAA automatic qualifying time of 2:04.32, followed by Indiana’s Molly Beckwith in second at 2:04.50 and Indiana State’s Erica Moore in third at 2:05.20. Kelly Langhans finished 13th in 2:10.26, Allison Schroeder was 25th at 2:13.31 and Natalie Johnson finished 30th in 2:13.87. Abby Higgins was 37th with a time of 2:15.34 and Angela Ryck was 39th in 2:15.64.

Men’s 800m: Jack Howard won the event and qualified for the NCAA Championships with a time of 1:48.60, the fourth-fastest time in the nation. Iowa’s Erik Sowinski (1:49.21) and Adam Hairston (1:49.64) finished second and third, respectively. Daniel Clark finished 18th with a time of 1:51.64, Mitch Lorenz was 30th in 1:53.38 and Zac Suriano finished 32nd with a time of 1:53.56. Cameron Eckert was 37th in 1:53.70, Justin Schneider finished 46th in 1:55.05, Trent Sayers was 51st in 1:55.32, Max Cruz was 53rd in 1:55.87 and Brier Steenberge finished 63rd in 1:56.78.

Men’s Mile: Oakland’s Jason Bigelow took the top spot with a time of 4:06.71, followed by Indiana State’s Jeremiah Vaughn in second at 4:06.81 and Michigan’s Sean McNamara in third at 4:07.03. Alabama’s Joel Rop finished fourth at 4:07.51, Johnathan Shawel was fifth in 4:07.65 and Jeremy Rae finished sixth with a time of 4:08.02. Spencer Carter was 31st in 4:14.87.

Women’s Mile: Kansas’ Lauren Bonds was the top finisher with a time of 4:44.09, followed by Brooks’ Laura Farley in second at 4:47.46 and Marissa Treece in third with at time of 4:47.99. Butler’s Kristy Legg finished fourth in 4:48.27, Minnesota’s Elizabeth Yetzer was fifth at 4:48.49 and Rebecca Tracy was sixth in 4:49.35. Molly Hirt finished 55th in 5:16.68

Meyo Mile: Ohio State’s Jeff See ran the second-fastest collegiate time in the nation at 3:58.82 to win the 2010 Meyo Mile. Tulsa’s Justin Duncan was second at 4:00.89, followed by Eastern Michigan’s David Brent was third at 4:00.90. Guelph’s Kyle Boorsma finished fourth in 4:01.79, New Mexico’s Ross Millington was fifth at 4:02.02, while Butler’s Rob Mullett (4:02.10) and Kris Gauson (4:03.68) finished sixth and seventh, respectively. Alabama’s Fred Samoei was seventh in 4:08.12, South Alabama’s Saber Salah finished ninth at 4:10.39, Tulsa’s Mark Davidson was 10th with a time of 4:11.62, Jordan Carlson clocked in at 4:13.53 to finish 11th and Alabama’s Julius Bor finished 12th at 4:13.63.

Women’s 3000m: Saucony’s Nicole Edwards won the event with a time of 9:09.32, followed by Tulsa’s Alex Becker in second at 9:15.10 and Illinois’ Angela Bizzarri in third at 9:16.75. Lindsey Ferguson finished sixth with a time of 9:22.75, Theresa Cattuna was 42nd at 10:10.46, Alissa Ott finished 54th with a time of 10:23.59 and Elizabeth Barron was 61st in 10:33.40.

Ryan Shay 3000m: Butler’s Joe Macdonald was the top finisher with a time of 8:00.73, followed by Lex Williams, competing unattached, in second at 8:01.91 and Michigan State’s Spencer Beatty in third at 8:06.85. Joe Miller finished 11th with a time of 8:14.29, and Kelly Lynch was 25th in 8:29.73.

Women’s 4x400m Relay: Illinois was the top team with a time of 3:39.83, followed by Ole Miss in second at 3:39.88 and Minnesota in third at 3:43.90. Indiana State finished fourth with a time of 3:44.30, and Northern Iowa was fifth at 3:44.96.

Men’s 4x400m Relay: Ohio State won the event with a time of 3:08.22. Alabama was second at 3:09.27, Iowa was third in 3:09.85, Ole Miss finished fourth in 3:10.79 and Kent State was fifth with a time of 3:11.58.