Nov. 12, 2000

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MORE WALDRUM QUOTES: “Michigan played very well but I didn’t think we were very good in any phase of our game today. We just seemed to not be focused today. We made a lot of mistakes positionally that we got away with it. It’s the first time all season that we’ve really been that disorganized. The first 20 minutes, we played pretty well. Meotis had a nice goal off Anne’s free kick but we brought some other players on. Normally, when we have get into a rotation we’ve been very good but we just didn’t step up to the plate. … We always talk about how Mia Sarkesian and Ashley Dryer don’t get enough credit for what they do. But when Ashley went out in the first half, we really lost a handle of things in the midfield. And then to come back with an assist and a goal. It just shows how important a player she is for our team.”