Sarah Thompson

Off The Water With Sarah Thompson

May 7, 2012

The Off the Water series provides a “Getting To Know” piece on members of the University of Notre Dame rowing team in an effort to share with the fans details of what makes each of the athletes who they are outside the realm of competition.

Sarah Thompson is in her junior year with the Irish program. The Los Angeles, Calif., native has rowed with several different Irish boats during her time with the Irish, including each the varsity eight, second varsity eight and varsity four during her sophomore campaign. She has not taken to the water this year with the team while recovering from injury. Here is a chance to get to know Sarah Thompson:

What stood out to you about Notre Dame that helped you know this was the place you wanted to attend?

“The biggest thing that stood out to me was how friendly the people are.”

When not rowing or taking care of schoolwork, what is the one thing you enjoy doing with your free time?

“When I’m not doing those things I really enjoy hanging out with friends.”

What is the most peaceful place to go to on campus?

“I would say the most peaceful place is The Grotto.”

What is the best place to eat on campus?

“I have to say it is Decio Café.”

What is the greatest thrill about rowing for the Irish?

“The biggest thrill is winning the BIG EAST Championship two years in a row.”

What is the most rewarding thing to you about rowing, in general?

“The most rewarding thing to me is the discipline it provides me.”

What makes the group of girls on this team special?

“The thing that makes this group of girls special is the camaraderie and support.”

Was there any one person who was inspirational/motivational to you being where you are today and if so what was the best piece of advice they offered up to you?

“My dad always tells me to focus on the good in life and that there is always a way to look at a negative situation as a positive one.”

If you had to choose between watching your favorite movie or listening to your favorite CD which would you choose and why?

“I would definitely choose watching my favorite movie.”

Growing up, and maybe even still today, what was the one type of cereal that you had to have and why?

“That would have to be Cheerios, a classic.”

If you were trapped on an island, what are the three things that you would need to have with you and why?

“The three things I would take would be my family, my iPod, and a good book.”

If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

“I’m going to cheat and say four people. I would go with my maternal and paternal grandparents. All of them had such interesting yet different lives. I never took advantage of their life skills and experiences before they passed.”