Notre Dame had a good showing at the Lubbers Cup as the irish won four of six races.

Notre Dame Wins Four Of Six Races At Lubbers Cup

March 29, 2008

Grand Rapids, Mich. – Notre Dame won four of six races at the Lubbers Cup in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Saturday event. The Irish were victorious in the varsity eight, 2/3 varsity eight, varsity four B and novice four races.

Notre Dame took first and fourth in the varsity eight race that featured five boats. The Irish A crew of coxswain Rachael Louie (Summit, N.J.), Mary Teresa DiSipio (Bryn Mawr, Pa.), Alyssa Teves (Denver, Colo.), Emily Backer (Cannelton, Ind.), Danielle Leary (Shrewsbury, Mass.), Amanda Cosfol (Broomall, Pa.), Erika Shults (Virginia Beach, Va.), Stephanie Gretsch (Downers Grove, Ill.) and Andrea Archer (Redding, Conn.) won the race with a time of 6:55.40, followed by Grand Valley (6:56.84) and Rochester (7:02.48). The Irish B boat of coxswain Katherine McMackin (Chevy Chase, Md.), Kaitlin Jackson (West Bloomfield, Mich.), Lisa Bunn (Wilsonville, Ore.), Casey Sullivan (Wilmette, Ill.), Brittany Burnham (Hilton Head, S.C.), Braegan Padley (Boise, Idaho), Erica Castro-Larsen (Lake Matthews, Calif.), Kellyn Nestor (Hopewell Junction, N.Y.) and Lindsay McQuaid (Beaverton, Ore.) was fourth in 7:11.31, while Michigan State posted a time of 7:27.61.

Notre Dame won the second/third varsity eight race as the crew of coxswain Louie, Neva Lundy (Santa Monica, Calif.), Cosfol, Shannon Kiernan (Glen Ridge, N.J.), DiSipio, Shults, Gretsch, Christina Buckley (Huntington, N.Y.) and Genevieve Malone (Dayton, Ohio) with a winning time of 7:09.28, well ahead of Rochester’s second-place time of 7:286.79 and Grand Valley State’s third-place time of 7:45.84.

Notre Dame captured the varsity four B race as the crew of coxswain McMackin, Megan Keegan (Canton, Ohio), Padley, Bunn and Archer with a time of 7:49.98, more than 20 second ahead of Rochester (8:10.13), Grand Valley State A (8:18.36) and Grand Valley State B (8:39.78).

The novice four crew of coxswain Jimena DiIorio (Asuncion, Paraguay), Keegan, Katherine Linnemanstons (Milwaukee, Wis.), Malone and Buckley registered a winning time of 7:50.10, followed by Grand Valley A (8:03.13), Grand Valley C (8:27.73), Rochester (8:28.10) and Grand Valley B (9:14.61).

The Irish varsity four A crew of coxswain Louie (Summit, N.J.), Hannah Jackson (Eugene, Ore.), Burnham, Linnemanstons and Castro-Larsen took third in its race with a time of 7:59.36. Grand Valley was victorious with a winning time of 7:43.75 and was followed by Rochester (7:47.96). Michigan State took fourth in 8:31.68.

The novice eight boat of coxswain DiIorio (Asuncion, Paraguay), Sarah Gray (Midland, Mich.), Melissa Nolan (Dayton, Ohio), Brianna Krafcik (Aurora, Ohio), Kristen Andree (Bloomfield Village, Mich.), Elaine Amoresano (Ridgewood, N.J.), Paige White (Muenster, Texas), Elise Smith (Summit, N.J.) and Cailey Ryckman (Wyandotte, Mich.) finished second in the three-boat race as they posted a time of 7:38.27. Grand Valley won the race in 7:15.78, while Rochester finished with a time of 7:41.60.