March 13, 2004

Knoxville, Tenn. – The Notre Dame women’s rowing team opened the spring portion of its 2003-04 campaign by winning six races against eighth-ranked Michigan State and 13th-ranked Tennessee on Lake Lanier in Knoxville, Tenn. Originally scheduled as a dual regatta between the Irish and the Lady Vols, the tri-regatta was raced in three sessions with Notre Dame winning all three second varsity four races and taking first place in each of the three first novice eight heats.

“I think today was very, very competitive between Michigan State, Tennessee and our boats,” said Notre Dame head coach Martin Stone.

“Several of the races were close throughout and no team really had any dominant performances. Tennessee and Michigan State are definitely very good, but it looks like all three programs are in the same spot at this point, which is good for us considering where Tennessee and Michigan State are ranked.”

“The first varsity eight and our four’s did very well; I’m pleased with their performances, but we are not polished or quite there just yet. Obviously, we would have liked to win more, but considering that we’ve not been able to be in the water since last Saturday, I am very happy with how things went with all the boats today.”

The Irish second varsity four crew of Caitlin Rackish (cox), Katie O’Hara (stroke), Danielle Stealy, Kristin Henkel and Tricia David won their first heat by more than nine seconds over second-place Tennessee (5:26.64), finishing in a time of 5:17.62. In the second session, the crew was victorious over the Spartans by just under nine seconds as they came across the line in 5:21.38. In the final piece, Notre Dame (5:21.38) won over Michigan State (5:29.29) again, this time by 7.91 seconds.

Notre Dame’s first novice eight also had an impressive day for the Irish, edging out the Spartans in all three heats. Notre Dame’s crew of Eileen Froehlke (cox), Sarah Kate Hafner (stroke), Ariel Klingaman, Danielle Potts, Beth Hatch, Shannon Cassel, Sarah Shaw, Meghan Chidsey and Colleen McCotter, won with a time of 5:01.40 in the first piece, came in at 5:02.00 in the second session and finished in 5:08.00 in heat three.

The Irish first varsity eight (Maureen Gibbons (cox), Natalie Ladine (stroke), Alice Bartek, Meghan Boyle, Rachel Polinski, Melissa Felker, Katie Chenoweth, Danielle Protasewich and Jacqueline Hazen) faired very well against their nationally-ranked foes. Notre Dame was narrowly defeated by the Lady Vols in the first heat as Tennessee finished in 4:36.53 and the Irish took second with a time of 4:38.01. The Notre Dame crew also just missed first place in the third race as the Irish were defeated by slightly over one second, finishing in 4:20.67 compared to Tennessee’s time of 4:19.59. The first varsity four crew of Kathryn Long (cox), Pamela Jefson (stroke), Meredith Thornburgh, Alyssa Close and Kristen Mizzi earned second place in all three of their races as Michigan State swept the event. The Irish crew came across in times of 5:12.69, 5:26.43 and 5:25.89.


Session I

Varsity 8+: 1. Tennessee 4:36.53 2. Notre Dame 4:38.01 3. Michigan State 4:39.98

Novice 8+: 1. Notre Dame 5:01.40 2. Michigan State 5:04.70 3. Tennessee 5:19.40

Varsity 4+: 1. Michigan State 5:09.56 2. Notre Dame 5:12.69 3. Tennessee 5:16.90

2nd Varsity 8+: 1. Michigan State 4:37.60 2. Tennessee 4:44.35 3. Notre Dame 4:45.90

2nd Novice 8+: 1. Michigan State 5:23.00 2. Tennessee 5:41.00

2nd Varsity 4+: 1. Notre Dame 5:17.62 2. Tennessee 5:26.64 3. Michigan State 5:33.19

Session II

Varsity 8+: 1. Tennessee 4:30.60 2. Michigan State 4:31.64 3. Notre Dame 4:32.72

Novice 8+: 1. Notre Dame 5:02.00 2. Michigan State 5:03.17 3. Tennessee 5:13.63

Varsity 4+: 1. Michigan State 5:19.62 2. Notre Dame 5:26.43 3. Tennessee 5:31.68

2nd Varsity 8+: 1. Michigan State 4:45.60 2. Tennessee 4:55.11 3. Notre Dame 4:56.78

2nd Novice 8+: 1. Michigan State 5:07.00 2. Tennessee 5:33.00

2nd Varsity 4+: 1. Notre Dame 5:21.38 2. Michigan State 5:29.29 3. Tennessee 5:30.41

Session III

Varsity 8+: 1. Tennessee 4:19.59 2. Notre Dame 4:20.67 3. Michigan State 4:22.65

Novice 8+: 1. Notre Dame 5:08.00 2. Michigan State 5:12.00 3. Tennessee 5:32.00

Varsity 4+: 1. Michigan State 5:19.79 2. Notre Dame 5:25.89 3. Tennessee 5:28.45

2nd Varsity 8+: 1. Michigan State 4:36.49 2. Tennessee 4:47.81 3. Notre Dame 4:54.92

2nd Novice 8+: 1. Michigan State 5:31.00 2. Tennessee 5:51.22

2nd Varsity 4+: 1. Notre Dame 5:34.01 2. Michigan State 5:43.73 3. Tennessee 5:45.96