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Irish Finish Second At 2019 Dale England Cup

Full roster makes the trip to Bloomington, Indiana, team claims one win, five second-place finishes.

The University of Notre Dame rowing team faced its second of three consecutive weeks of competition at the 2019 Dale England Cup on Lake Lemon in Bloomington, Indiana, on Saturday, April 20.

After a late return to campus after a trip to California for the Lake Natoma Invitational last weekend, the Irish took on Indiana and Michigan State – traveling the full roster for the first time this season. The team combined to claim five second-place finishes and a victory in the Third Varsity Four.

Indiana claimed the Dale England Cup title for the third consecutive season with 72 points. Notre Dame finished second with 48 points, followed by Michigan State with 42.

Notre Dame will head to Texas next weekend for the Longhorn Invitational.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Official Athletics Website

Varsity Eight

Julia RandallEmily StinebaughLaura Migliore , Allegra Sodi, Marielle Corbett, Kelly FischerElizabeth SchrieberColleen Visnic (cox)

1. Indiana, 7:14.6

2. NOTRE DAME, 7:20.18

3. Michigan State, 7:21.51

Second Varsity EIght

Evelyn McManusAshley YoungJennifer GrothChloe HemmHana FerreroCaroline HillsAnja Renkes, Elizabeth Balder, Mary Ryan (cox)

1. Indiana, 7:39.4

2. Michigan State, 7:47.5

3. NOTRE DAME, 7:52.55

Third Varsity Eight

Brenna HalliganMariah ParsonsKatie WiedenhoftEllie DaumAlexandra PeytonStephanie MuellerSarah DenckerRosemary McGovern (cox)

1. Indiana, 7:51.7

2. NOTRE DAME, 8:16.44

3. Michigan State, 8:38.18

Fourth Varsity Eight

Cynthia BarkerKillian MountfordKate Morse, Elian Griffin, Roshea Goela, Mary SinglerRuth KnoblochSophie SchrothMallory Girvin (cox)

1. Michigan State, 8:25.8

2. NOTRE DAME, 8:42.36

Varsity Four

Madeline CoadySamantha ManfredaKatharine JohnsonCailey Brogan (cox)

1. Indiana, 8:23.5

2. NOTRE DAME, 8:37.16

3. Michigan State, 8:59.87

Second Varsity Four

Regan KeadyMeghan GreeneLauren KellyMary Grace PhelanLaura Schoonmaker (cox)

1. Indiana, 8:42.70

2. NOTRE DAME, 8:47.39

3. Michigan State, 9:18.16Third Varsity Four

Alexandra Lee, Molly Pierce, Samantha Bloomfield, Bridget GeyerTala Mansouri (cox)

1. NOTRE DAME, 8:48.70

2. Indiana, 9:06.0