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Coordinator of football operations Jason Michelson had a very busy week behind the scenes adjusting the team's schedule.

Rare Noon Kick Alters Irish Schedule

Notre Dame heads to Pittsburgh early to better ready for first noon ET kickoff in four years.

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Jaylon Smith led the Irish with 14 tackles against USC.

Irish Freshmen Embrace Hard Work For Challenge Ahead

They came in as a class of three, and at their backs, they have an army of support and resources as they transition to academic and athletic life at the University of Notre Dame. Marina Mabrey, Arike Ogunbowale and Ali Patberg will be suiting up to help the Fighting Irish women’s basketball team pursue a national championship, and likewise, they will be pursing academic excellence in the classroom.

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Steven Fogarty is the 15th player to be named a two-year captain with the Irish.

Irish Extra: Irish Show Mettle and Fight On

Joe Schmidt and others stopped a mid-game slide, regrouped and stuffed USC long enough for the Irish offense to win it.

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WR Chris Brown is among the active Irish players who had a role in a 2012 win at No. 8 Oklahoma.

Some Irish Golf Tests Ahead for the Fighting Irish Men

The Notre Dame men’s golf team will take a fall break trip to Ireland to take part in the Jerry Murray/Waterville Invitational hosted by Notre Dame at the famed Waterville Golf Club in Waterville, Ireland

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Sophomore Sam Fry leads the Irish in kills and points through nine matches in 2015.

Irish Hockey Leadership Mantle Falls to Senior Quintet

The Irish open the 2015-16 regular season with a weekend series at Penn State (Oct. 16-17), marking the first time Notre Dame and Penn State are meeting since Penn State became a NCAA Div. I program (2012-13).

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Jon Gallagher led all players with three goals during the Mike Berticelli Memorial Tournament, scoring twice on Sunday against UAB

Irish Extra: It’s All About Preparation and Focus

“These are the moments we live for, playing in games of this magnitude” – Amir Carlisle

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12/07/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Win by UConn Shows Irish Where They Want to Go
12/04/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Torres Fills the Bill
12/02/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Seniors Give Irish Chance For Ongoing Success
11/30/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Unselfishness Early Hallmark for Irish Men
11/27/2014 – Irish Extra: Grooms Leads Irish Equipment Army
11/27/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Martin Returns Home Again
11/27/2014 – Irish Extra: Football GameDay Planning Never Ends at Notre Dame
11/26/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Women’s Hoops Learning It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint
11/25/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Notre Dame Advances In The Rain
11/24/2014 – Irish Extra: Coccia Ready to `Fight the World’s Fight’
11/24/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Huffman Finding Her Role
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11/22/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Freshman Johnson Breaks Out
11/21/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Russo Now Ready at Both Ends
11/20/2014 – Irish Extra: Luke Picks Up the Pace
11/20/2014 – Mike Denbrock and the Irish Offensive Coaching Staff: A Day in the Life
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11/17/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Notre Dame Men Take Next Step
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10/11/2014 – Irish Extra: When Adversity Hits, Notre Dame Hits Harder
10/12/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Some Early Growing Pains for Irish Hockey
10/11/2014 – Irish Extra: When Adversity Hits, Notre Dame Hits Harder
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10/06/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Irish Women’s Soccer Team Comes Ever So Close–Again
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09/30/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Rookie Class Makes for Irish Hockey Wild Card in 2014-15
09/27/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Irish Rookies Keynote Win Versus North Carolina
09/25/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Red-Zone Defense Paves Way for Solid Start to 2014 Irish Season
09/20/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Blackhawk’s Stephen Johns Feeling Right At Home At Notre Dame
09/21/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Compton Family Ice Arena Draws Raves from the Chicago Blackhawks
09/21/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Lessons From The North Carolina Match
09/18/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: National Catholic Championships A Special Occasion For Large And Small Schools Alike
09/18/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Notre Dame-North Carolina Rivalry Revisited
09/14/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Defense Dominates Second Half
09/13/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Shamrock Series More Than A Game
09/07/2014 – IRISH EXTRA: Secondary Communication Leads to Victory Over Michigan