Aug. 17, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Perhaps one of the most interesting scenarios occurring this fall is the competition for the job of starting punter.

“Our punters have improved, both Joey Hildbold and Nick Setta. I would say it is about even right now,” Davie said. “Nick Setta has definitely improved over the summer.”

Davie believes that David Miller holds the edge when it comes to field goals. As far as the kickoffs go, the staff has yet to really evaluate that aspect. Senior Matt McNew and Setta are competing for that opportunity.


The coaches finally began to evaluate the freshman talent at quarterback. Arnaz Battle will be the starting quarterback and Gary Godsey will back him up. The number three slot is up for grabs. Davie believes that all three freshmen have a shot at it.

In fact the race between Carlyle Holiday, Matt LoVecchio and Jared Clark is so close, Davie is considering splitting the three spot three ways. He would divide up the snaps a third-string quarterback gets, equally amongst the three.


“Vontez Duff has moved over to corner,” Davie said. “He is a heck of an athlete. This does not mean that he cannot go back to running back. I am sure he can do that for us. He may have more of an opportunity to play at cornerback. We have three tailbacks, it seems like a logical move. It is something he is excited about.”


Davie and his staff will get the first true look at their team in a game situation this Saturday. The coaching staff scheduled a controlled scrimmage in the stadium for this weekend. The game is closed to both the public and the media.


The football team received a much deserved break yesterday. Members of the squad had the morning off to move into their permanent dorm rooms. The Irish coaching staff thought this would give the team a nice rest after a somewhat dismal performance at practice on Tuesday.

Davie believed the small break would enable the Irish a chance to have a better practice on Wednesday. He was mistaken.

“We have to really look to make sure we’re not doing too many things,” Davie said. “We have to make sure we’re not taking anything for granted because we did not execute today. The good thing is we don’t have to play for another couple of weeks.”