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Five Favorite Photos Of The Week

Oct. 12, 2017

By Erin Locascio

Erin Locascio is a fall photography and graphic design intern for the University of Notre Dame. Throughout the fall she will have a weekly post about her favorite five photos from the week’s events. This week Locascio is highlighting Notre Dame women’s soccer and how the Fighting Irish are showing support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In each post Locascio will give background information on the photo and why she selected it.

Sandra Yu Takeover

This is a picture that was chosen, not because of the athlete having the best form, but because of the moment behind the picture. Notre Dame women’s soccer traveled to Virginia last week and drew a 1-1 tie. Sandra Yu was the lone scorer for the Irish and this was the shot that put the ball in the net. She had a look of determination when she took over and got the ball down the field, beating both defenders pictured. There was no doubt she was going to score, and the composure on her face shows her even-keel attitude.

O’Connor Assists Jacobs

Even though Natalie Jacobs is the focus of this picture with her huge smile and hair flying, the moment behind this great celebration is the reason it is one of the best from the past week. Jacobs is celebrating freshman Kate O’Connor’s first collegiate point. O’Connor passed a perfect ball to Natalie who put the ball in the back of the net to give the Irish a 2-0 advantage over Syracuse. Once again, the moment this picture represents is what makes it an even better picture than when you first look at it.

Hendricks In Stride

Different from the rest of this week’s photos, this one was chosen purely on how perfect the athlete’s form is. Shannon Hendricks is in full stride with the ball in front of her starting an attack for the Fighting Irish. She has her eyes looking up the field while both of her feet are off the ground. Finally, she is a full step in front of her defender, whom she beat down the field.

Breast Cancer Awareness

The next two were added for this week because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Notre Dame Fighting Irish teams are doing their part to show support. What they wear may seem small, but it shows support of something so much larger than any of us or any game.

The women’s volleyball team wore pink shoes on their trip to Virginia. The reflection of the pink on the floor is a nice addition to an otherwise average picture.

Women’s soccer wore pink ribbons in their hair versus Syracuse. Sandra Yu took the opportunity to use three pink hair ties along with a ribbon at the top. The amount of pink she wore stood out with her hair highlighted in the sun.