Aug. 18, 2015

The University of Notre Dame athletics ticket office has received a number of reports and evidence of counterfeit tickets to the 2015 Irish football home opener Sept. 5 against the University of Texas. Associate athletics director Rob Kelly warns Irish fans to be extremely careful when they consider obtaining Notre Dame football tickets through non-University sources.

“It’s not uncommon for us to see counterfeit tickets show up on game day each year,” Kelly says. “But the reports we’ve seen this year are earlier and more frequent than usual.

“The only guaranteed source for Notre Dame football tickets is through the University of Notre Dame. We often tell our fans that if they buy tickets on the secondary market they assume all the risk. It is a sad situation when someone shows up on game day and can’t get in, especially after paying secondary market prices.”

Individuals suspecting they have counterfeit tickets in their possession should contact their local law enforcement agency to report details as soon as possible. The investigating law enforcement agency then can contact the Notre Dame Counterfeit Ticket Task Force via the Notre Dame Security Police for assistance by calling 574-631-5555 and asking for Capt. Rick Miller.

Clues to counterfeit tickets include fuzzy printing, rough cuts or perforations, mismatched fonts or the absence of a three-dimensional shamrock hologram with Fighting Irish leprechauns. Also, in a notable trend this year, Notre Dame football tickets printed on Ticketmaster stock are certainly counterfeit.

Contact the Notre Dame ticket office with any questions, 574-631- 7356 or visit