Jack Swarbrick, the Director of Athletics sat down with UND.com to talk Notre Dame Atheltics.

UND.com talks with Jack Swarbrick - FINAL UPDATE

August 4, 2010

Late in June of 2010, und.com sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with Jack Swarbrick, the Director of Athletics at the University of Notre Dame. In the wake of the recent conference shifts across the country, Swarbrick touched on a numbers of subjects including conference realignment, his first two years on the job at Notre Dame and the first seven months of the Brian Kelly era.

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Swarbrick discusses the biggest challenge he faces as an athletic director.

Swarbrick discusses Notre Dame’s commitment to the BIG EAST Conference.

Swarbrick reacts to the recent shift in conference alignments across the country.

Swarbrick talks about the biggest surprises he has faced in his first two years at Notre Dame.

camera.gifSwarbrick – Biggest Challenges in 2010-11
Swarbrick looks ahead to the challenges the athletic department will face in 2010-11

camera.gifSwarbrick – First Months of Kelly Era
Swarbrick looks back at the first few months of the Brian Kelly era at Notre Dame.

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