Stadium/Stadium Handicapped (S Lot) 7:00 AM
Joyce Handicapped (J Lot) 7:00 AM
Joyce (J Lot) 7:00 AM
Library (L Lot) 7:00 AM
IP Grass (K Lot) 7:00 AM
Bookstore Lot 7:00 AM
  • Driving directions – listed on the reverse of the reserved passes, please follow them in order to achieve the most expedient access to campus and the only route to which the privilege will be honored.
  • Overnight ParkingNO OVERNIGHT PARKING IS PERMITTED IN ANY PARKING LOT!!! All vehicles and individuals must vacate the lot 3 hours following the game’s conclusion. Vehicles remaining in the parking lots after this time will be towed.
  • Public Parking Maps, Directions and more Information available here.
  • One way traffic patterns – begin 3 ½ hours prior to the game and cease approximately 1 ½ hours following its conclusion. Please plan your travel times accordingly.