From The Locker Rooms….

Ron Powlus

Notre Dame Players

Irish quarterback Ron Powlus
“This is an awful way to end this season. This is an awful wayto end my career if we don’t go to a bowl game. We wanted tosend coach Holtz out right, but we didn’t.

“Credit USC because they played a great game and never gave up.”

USC Players

Trojan quarterback Brad Otton
“I definitely knew I was hurt and where I got hurt. Butthe worst I felt was last week when I had to come out and watchmy team play without me in overtime. I wasn’t going to let thathappen tonight.”

“It’s been a frustrating year for all of us. We wanted tobe remembered as a Rose Bowl Team, a national championship team,but we fell short of that. But we’ll always be known as theteam that beat Notre Dame and broke the streak, and that means alot.”

“When Coach Robinson told me I was out, I kind of wentaround him – not through him – I went to Coach Riley and we talkedabout what we thought I could do. We never really talked toCoach Robinson.”

“I nearly got myself killed going after the game ball afterit got knocked down on the last play. I got the ball and I gaveit to Coach Robinson. Hopefully, it will mean a lot to him.”

“Two years ago, we used the Cotton Bowl as a starting pointfor the Rose Bowl season. Hopefully our young guys will usethis as a starting point for next season.”