Coaches Review The Battle…..

Lou Holtz

Notre Dame Head Coach Lou Holtz

(On the game) “I don’t have anything prepared to saytoday. I can just say that we played awfully well – we jumped ontop early. The past few weeks we played really well. We just gotinto a rhythm. Today, we planned to throw more.

“We’ve got to get ready for USC. This has not been easy for ourplayers. There have been a lot of distractions. I think theyhave handled it well – beautifully in fact.

“I’m happy that Autry Denson got the 1,000 yards rushing. I’mhappy that Ron Powlus beat Mirer in touchdowns thrown in acareer.

“Today, I went into the game with one thought – gratitude.Gratitude for the people, the students, but especially thecoaches and players. I’m just left with thankfulness.

“Notre Dame will be a fine team next year. They will hire a finecoach. Lou will miss Notre Dame, but Notre Dame won’t miss Lou.I’m just thankful. For a guy that finished in the bottom half ofhis class… I’m glad right now that I did not finish in the toppart of my class.”

(On Bob Davis possibly being the next head coach) “Idon’t know if he is, but if he is, I’m happy for severalreasons. It will be a good transition as far as keeping ourother coaches here. And it will be easier for the players.”

(Favorite memory of stadium) “I think today is myfavorite memory. I’m proud to leave the university and say thatI did not embarrass it, at least I think I did not. I ran anhonest program. I tried to live and encourage the players tolive by the values that this university espouses. I can look atGod and say that I think I left it clean.”