From The Locker Rooms….

Ron Powlus

ND Quarterback Ron Powlus:
(On the opener) “We felt a sense of urgency, and the scoreboard told us the whole story. Coach Holtz said to me, ‘Now we’ll find out just what kind of team we are.'”

(On Vanderbilt) “Vanderbilt has a great defense. We knew that. They are a good team, no doubt about it. There was no underestimation. They are just a good team.”

ND Fullback Marc Edwards:
(On the fumbles) “I was embarrassed about how I played, because I was the one who was the main contributor (to the turnovers).

“Vanderbilt didn’t tire, we just made up our minds that we would have to find a way, and we found it.”

Vanderbilt Receiver Todd Yoder:
(On the touchdown) “I was so pumped up, I couldn’t have dreamed of anything better than that, with the exception of us winning. When I saw the ball go up, I knew I had a shot. Damien (Allen) made a great throw, and I just went up and got it.”

Vanderbilt Quarterback Damian Allen:
(On the game) “I’m very heartbroken and upset. It reminds me of Alabama and Tennessee last year. We had them late in the game and they came back with a final drive to win.

“I think the defense did a great job. Obviously, we need to do a better job of keeping them off the field.”

Vanderbilt Defensive Back Eric Vance:
(On being tired) “Fatigue was a real important factor. I had to get an IV. Other guys were cramping. I can’t can’t blame it on fatigue, we had the opportunity late in the game to stop them, but they made the plays. That’s what great teams do in the clutch.

“We played a pretty good game. We had a lot of good points, but there’s a lot of room for improvement as well.”