Sept. 10, 2009

Q. Favorite memory as a player at Notre Dame?
Personally, scoring the first run in the new Frank Eck Stadium. As a team, it was beating top-ranked Clemson, 8-0, at the Clemson Regional.

Q. How did you guys travel and what were the meals like on the road and home games?
Quite similar as to how it is now, your standard charter bus or plane. We ate very well, great restaurants.

Q. How different is the baseball field and stadium compared to when you played?
Well, I got to play at all three places. I played on Jake Kline Field as well as the Cove and then my senior year was when Eck Stadium opened.

Q. Best player in your four years?
Craig Counsell ’92

Q. Hardest worker?
Craig Counsell ’92

Q. The clown of the team?
Greg Layson’94

Q. Best Captain?
Joe Binkiewicz ’92. He was a captain that demanded respect.

Q. How did playing baseball for Notre Dame develop you as a person and prepare you for life after graduation?
It definitely helped me with time management and it taught me the right way to go about doing things.

Q. Who is your all-time favorite player as well as favorite MLB team?
Tim Raines and the Chicago White Sox.

— ND —