Monogram winners and their families can often be seen locating their name in the Ring of Names.

Ring Of Names Online!

March 21, 2016

Since it was installed in 1987, the Ring of Names has been a popular stop for Monogram winners and their families when they return to campus. The Ring of Names, which is located at the Joyce Center within Heritage Hall and funded by the Monogram Club, features the name of every individual who earned a Monogram during their days at Notre Dame.

In honor of the Monogram Club’s 100th anniversary and its official 100th birthday on Saturday (March 26), the Club wants to provide Monogram winners and their families the opportunity to locate the names from the comfort of their home!

Thanks to Lighthouse Imaging, every name can be viewed online through a series of high-resolution photos. No username or password is needed to download the photos.

Each decade link contains a full horizontal photo that lists every Monogram winner from that time span (listed alphabetically). There also are separate photos of the all the panels from each decade. Simply find the photo you want and click “download” on the bar right above the photo.

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Note – Since the Ring of Names is updated at the end of each decade, those who have earned a Monogram beginning in 2010 will not appear.