Dec. 30, 2015

Q. I know you wanted to be in the playoffs, but how exciting would a win Friday be?

Sheldon Day: It is short of our mission. But, man, I wish. It’s the way to send out the senior class with an exclamation point.

Q. 1994, Notre Dame won a bowl game. How old were you then?

Sheldon Day: I was just being born. It’s been a while. We want to end that streak.

Q. Would that leave you feeling like you did about as much as you could?

Sheldon Day: I would say it was. Been in the big games. Definitely wouldn’t have it any other way.

Q. What are you most looking forward to?

Sheldon Day: It’s a special moment for us, can’t wait for it.

Q. Not putting the names on the jerseys, what is that about?

Sheldon Day: We play for Notre Dame. We definitely want to be out there playing for Notre Dame, not worry about the names on the back of our jerseys.

Q. Who brought that up?

Sheldon Day: I would say it was Joe Schmidt, Coach Kelly ran it by everybody, tried to get everybody to accept it.

Q. (Question about Jarron.)

Sheldon Day: He’s still trying to come back. I don’t have words to explain this. He’s still trying to get his mobility back. He doesn’t look as good as when he’s moving.

Q. Has his football improved better than his dancing has?

Sheldon Day: For sure. I would say light years (laughter).

We definitely have a good time. That’s an example of how much fun we’re doing out here.

Q. Won’t see any of you doing any of that?

Sheldon Day: No. But if I do, I’ll look 10 times better than that (laughter).

Q. Do you line up against Zeke?

Sheldon Day: He plays runningback, so I haven’t.