Dec. 28, 2015

Martin: You’ve got to prepare the same way for each game really, obviously different defenses and schemes, but you know that’s part of football. Next man in, you watch the film and you’ve got to learn from it and definitely attack it the same way.

Q: There’s a chance that Joey Bosa might slide in there to one of those spots, and you know what he would kind of bring so does that in some way change the effect that you might facing be more of a defensive end type as opposed to a bigger sized guy?

Martin: Yeah obviously he’s quicker and plays a little bit differently. You might have to block him a little bit differently than you would a 300 pound guy. Yeah that might change a little bit but you still have to prepare the same way.

Q: Ohio State’s defense is all about effective quarterbacking and they’ve done a good job of it. Where do you guys have to be, especially with Bosa and how big of a challenge is it?

Martin: It’s their job to get the ball to the quarterback and it’s our job to keep it away from the quarterback so that’s what we practice every day. Obviously Bosa is a good player but we’ve got five guys and we’ve got to execute our scheme.

Q: You all have been able to take a quarterback situation where in May, DeShone was the third guy and all he’s done is taken the reins and run with it and has played very well. You communicate probably as much as anybody and the offense is with you, why? Why has he had that kind of success and what do you see that would maybe explain him picking it up and going with it?

Martin: Well first of all he has a lot of confidence. As a quarterback you need it. And he stepped in, you know I have talked to him and you know he was a little bit down back in May he didn’t know if he was going to get a chance to play but he kept with it and obviously got his chance and he took advantage of it and I think that starts with his confidence. Obviously he’s a great football player and he’s shown that he was able to step in as a young player and he definitely did his job.

Q: How about you all and your excitement to play this game? When you saw you were playing Ohio State on that Sunday when it was announced, what immediately popped in your head?

Martin: I was very excited. Obviously they’re a great team, defending National Champions and you want to play the best. You know, we practice year round, why would you not want to play the best.

Q: Does the traditions of Ohio State and Notre Dame, as far as two traditional powerhouse football programs mean anything to you playing Ohio State?

Martin: It definitely makes the game more exciting. Like you said, traditionally both programs are very good and a lot of pride in those programs, so when they meet it’s going to be an exciting game.

Q: From an offensive line standpoint, you all in terms of Ohio State and Notre Dame probably as good as offensive lines can be, you all are right there. What makes your role as an offensive line unique? Other than being big, strong guys, what is it that you do that effectively helps Notre Dame move the ball?

Martin: I think there are two things. Technique, which coach harps on every day and we work it every day and we are technicians and we have that instilled in us and beyond that just finishing. Going to that echo of the whistle and just fighting every play and really believing that every play if you don’t block your man then you’re putting someone in jeopardy of getting hurt. You’ve got to fight and claw to keep that man off the ball carrier.

Q: your last game in a Notre Dame uniform, what are you feeling?

Martin: It’s exciting, it really is. Trying not to think about it too much obviously we’ve got a big game ahead of us but I’ve had a good time and it’s definitely gone above anything I could have imagined and last time in the uniform playing with your brothers, it’s going to be fun.

Q: And Coach Kelly has said that Ohio State is arguably the best team in the country so is that kind of the mood among the team and the mindset that you guys are playing defending National Champs, this is the best team in the country?

Martin: Absolutely and like you said, they’re the defending National Champions, they’re a great team and that’s how we prepared. And we’re excited for this game. Two traditionally big powerhouse football programs and it’s going to be an awesome game.

Q: You guys have had a whole week to prepare for this game, what’s the mentality of the team? You practice all week and now it’s here.

Martin: You know bowl prep we were hitting and there’s times we went live and guys are ready to play. You’ve got about a month off of actually playing a football game for bowl prep so guys are fresh, you’ve got that itch. You want to get back on the field and really hit someone.

Q: You’re from Kentucky right?

Martin: I’m actually from Indianapolis but everyone thinks I’m from Kentucky. All my family is from there.

Q: So you guys obviously have a lot of Ohio guys on the team, is there a vengeance? Do they hate Ohio State? Do you hear that chatter in the locker room now? What does it mean to be playing Ohio State?

Martin: No I’ve talked to DeShone and also Jarrett and we’ve got a lot more Ohio guys, but they said that back home there’s a lot of chatter and they want to win this game so that they have bragging rights going back there to kind of silence their friends.

Q: For you, any personal.

Martin: For me? No, nothing personal, just another team.