Sept. 20, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Today brought rain that forced the Notre Dame football team indoors for practice. During the practice there was simulated crowd noise pumped through speakers to help prepare for Saturdays clash with Michigan State.

“Coming in here helped us a little bit.” Davie said, referring to the Loftus indoor training center. “We were able to simulate the crowd noise.”

Davie went on to say that preparation is still the key for a third Irish victory.

“About half your day on Monday is really on the passing game and correcting the mistakes (against Purdue), and the other half is preparing for Michigan State” Davie said. “So right now we really have two and a half days of preparation time and we need every second to prepare for this game.”

“The players have to take responsibility now and start looking forward to the game. I like our team and I like the way these guys go about there work. Because of that, we have a chance on Saturday.”


Looking at the tough schedule Notre Dame has played so far, Davie commented on the mindset of the team coming into this season. With the first four games almost in the past, Davie focused on the season in two phases.

“The mindset has been, since the start of the season, that this is a four game season,” Davie said. “We are going to play these first four games and then there would be a break. I think everybody realizes that this game is so important…I feel pretty good where we are.”


The present quarterback situation at Notre Dame is full of youth and talent. Today, Davie was asked if he ever had such an amount of depth at one position.

“It is as deep a position that I have ever been involved with,” Davie stated. “When you look and see Arnaz Battle, Gary Godsey, LoVecchio, Holiday and Jared Clark…that is a talented group. I’ve never seen a position that well stocked for the future.”