Aug. 11, 2002

The Notre Dame football squad reported for its second day of practice on Sunday afternoon with all classes present.

Instead of the typical two-a-day practice, the football staff let the squad have Sunday morning off to attend services if they so chose.

“It is important to allow our football team the opportunity to worship,” Irish head coach Tyrone Willingham said. “Hopefully, they took advantage of that opportunity. If they chose not to, then hopefully they slept well.”

The Notre Dame coaching staff believes that breaks are an important part of preseason.

“You always have to have breaks in your schedule,” Willingham said. “As they say, ‘All work and no rest makes for a dull young man.’ And we do not want dull young men.”

The football squad once again is holding preseason camp on the intramural fields west of Hammes Bookstore on the Notre Dame campus and calling O’Neill Hall home.

The heat and humidity of the Midwest crept back on Sunday. After enjoying several days in the 70s, the squad endured a two-hour practice in the low 90s.

Willingham reported that there have been no surprises so far in the preseason camp. The Irish have yet to get a workout in with full pads. The first practice in full pads is scheduled for August 14.

“I anticipated that our guys would come back in good shape,” Willingham stated. “They came back in good shape. I anticipated that they would come back with a great attitude and they have come back with a great attitude. I anticipated that they would come back and work very hard. After three session, they have been working very hard.”

With Notre Dame taking part in the Kickoff Classic this year, the Irish have less than three weeks to prepare for the game against the Terrapins of Maryland. Willingham believes that his team is right on track for where they need to be on August 31.