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Practice Report

Aug. 31, 2001

While college football players across the country prepare for Saturday’s opponents, Notre Dame prepared to face each other for a Friday night scrimmage. According to head coach Bob Davie, there has been no let up in the aggressive department.

“It has been as physical as I have ever been around,” Davie said. “Because of that we had to take these pads off today.”

Davie was quick to point out that his players are taking nothing lightly, especially the scrimmage games.

“They have an awful lot invested,” Davie said. “You want to see some rewards for all they have invested, and now it comes with getting us prepared to play.”


Davie got a good look at Eric Crouch up close in last year’s home loss to Nebraska.

“He is a Heisman Trophy candidate in my mind,” Davie said. “People that have watched him play over the last several years as we have…to me he is a front runner for the Heisman.”

“I don’t know their personnel well, and I don’t pretend too, but he seems to me to be the most competitive guy they have on that team…he is as tough as any guy on this team and I bet he is thew fastest on that team.”

Davie went on to state how important of an individual Crouch was to his team.

“He is a player that can truly take the game on his shoulders and go win the game,” Davie said. “Because of the position he plays and the scheme they have, but most of all because of his ability.”