Jan. 24, 2006

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Notre Dame vs. Georgetown
Coach Mike Brey Quotes
January 24, 2006

Commenting on the game….
“It was a great college game against a great Georgetown team. We did not play well early and were not able to get into a rhythm, but in the second half I thought we were able to find ourselves some. We just need to keep putting ourselves in a position to win and sooner or later it will bounce our way at some point.”

On the play of Rob Kurz….
“In the midst of being 1-5 in the league, Rob Kurz has really developed into a good Big East forward. He’s an active guy and has gotten better with the basketball. We just need him to stay confident.”

Points in the paint and the play of the Notre Dame players inside….
“I was really happy with Russell (Carter). He had struggled the last few games but really gave us a lift today. He was active in there and really gave us some driving opportunities. If he picks his spots, he could be really good for us.”

Chris Quinn’s play….
“He really is a great player. I just wish we could give him a win. He really had invested a lot in our team and leading.”

Notre Dame vs. Georgetown
January 24, 2006
Notre Dame Player Quotes

Junior SF Colin Falls
On staying strong through the game… “That is hard to say if we did, I have never been through anything like this before. Now we just need to get a win, Saturday, hang in there and come back.”

On the close game…
“It is definitely a character thing we just to have bounce back, I don’t feel cheated. I feel like I am lucky in a lot of things.”

On his four point play at the end of regulation…
“I was just trying to get to overtime, and pull one out, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.”

Junior G/F Russell Carter
On the season….
“Unfortunately, this season a lot of things are not going our way.”

Does it get harder to deal with the close losses…
“When it comes to the end of the game, I just cannot believe it happened again. You never get used to losing – especially losing a game like this.”

Now what do you do next…
“We have to keep our heads up and bounce back on Saturday.”

Sophomore F Rob Kurz
Who do you look to after games like this…Chris…Coach…
“I think we need to look at ourselves individually; look at what we each can do to help the team win it in future games.”

Notre Dame vs. Georgetown
January 24, 2005
Georgetown Coach Quotes
John Thompson III

On the importance of winning the game…
“We’re back in league play, and as I told our guys, that’s a Big East road game. It’s going to go back and forth. It’s a heavy weight fight: we make a run, they come back at it, and it’s going to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. To come away with a double overtime win on the road in a place where we have not won in quite some time… regardless of what happened Saturday, it’s extremely important.”

On playing Notre Dame…
“They have terrific shooters, and when you look at the scores and the games and the tapes that we’ve seen of them, they’ll stretch you. But then, every game’s like that. Every game is a dog fight, they have some tough players on their team.”

On the end of the game…
“We’re just extremely fortunate to have survived that play in the end of regulation. We’re a pretty resilient group. You can sit and you can focus on that play: it just zaps everything out of you. It just drains you when that shot goes in, regardless of how it happened or why it happened. But to hold on, not to cave in when the crowd suddenly gets back into it, and they’re on cloud nine because everything’s going right was impressive. To hold on through one overtime and to hold on through another overtime shows that our guys made plays to get us to the victory.”

Notre Dame vs. Georgetown
Georgetown Player Quotes
Jan. 24, 2006

Senior G Darrel Owens
On the play of the Notre Dame guards…
“We knew that our guards were taller than their guards, but you have to give their guys a lot of credit. We felt that we were taking away what they wanted to do but they still found ways to score. Their guards can really shoot.”

On playing a close game…
“In games like these we follow our coach. He teaches us to play smart; so even though we made a mistake we knew we could make up for it. We did not want to lose this game, and it took a lot of guts to come out with a win. Notre Dame is a very good team and they forced us to play our hardest.”

On the BIG EAST Conference…
“The Big East is a tough conference and probably the best in the nation. We know there are never any nights off and you have to show up for every game, especially on the road. Notre Dame had a great crowd that the team seemed to feed off. You have to give them a lot of credit.”

Senior F Brandon Bowman
On the end of regulation…
“Falls hit a tough shot to send it into overtime. We knew coming in that Notre Dame doesn’t give up and it was important that we were able to withstand their runs.”

On the team’s attitude going into overtime…
“I think the team felt fine going into overtime. I probably felt it more than anyone because I created the situation, but we did what we had to do in overtime to get the win. Roy [Hibbert] was big for us.”