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Indiana Head Coach Mike Davis Quotes

On the game: “It was a great win on the road. Everyone who played tonight, played well. They have really been playing well since the Wake Forest game.”

On his demeanor: “Tonight I made a point not to get mad. I stayed calm, smiled and did not get too upset with the guys. The players looked to me with more confidence.”

On the team’s schedule: “Our schedule is tough with our personnel. I don’t always have the chance to play Patrick Ewing Jr. and Ryan Tapak. That is one of the reasons that we are playing tough teams in pre-conference.”

Indiana Player Quotes

#34 Ryan Tapak

On his playing time: “It’s good to go in there and get a road win out of a game so close. I played with the starters a little bit this week in practice, but I was really just the backup point guard, just there to get the chemistry in case something didn’t work out or go as expected.”

On his three-point shooting: “That’s what I do. That’s what the fans know-I’m a shooter. I’ve been on the white team for two years going hard against those guys, and now this year, I’m going again [Marshall] Strickland and Bracey Wright everyday. I don’t care where the ball’s at-I’m going to go up and shoot it.”

#12 Guard Donald Perry

On the win: “This is a huge confidence boost, especially after how we lost the last game. To come in here and win this game gets stuff rolling into our match-up with Butler on Saturday. It was really big to win this road game. What more confidence can we get?”

#23 Forward Sean Kline

On Indiana’s defensive strategy: “We got down low on the post, not letting them get in there or dunk low on our heads.”

On the game slipping away in the final minutes: “You always have [the possibility of a loss] in the back of your mind, but I had confidence. We blocked out defensively and came out with the win.”

On Tapak: “He’s incredible. You can see that at practice everyday. He kills everyone with his offense. He’s composed and a team leader. He plays bigger than I play. He plays like he’s 6’10” and 250 pounds when he’s really 5’10” and 160. He’s got a huge heart, and I give him all the praise in the world.”

On the win: “Winning this game on the road is huge for us, especially with the way we’ve played on the road so far this year.”

Notre Dame Player Quotes

Sophomore Forward Torin Francis

On today’s game: “I think in this game we played a lot harder than last game. We came out ready to play and we moved the ball better offensively. Sometimes we came out and took quick shots and sometimes we took good shots but they just weren’t falling.”

On where to go from here:”It just came down to the end and they hit some big shots.We need to use this week to prepare for the next game. This game is over. We have to move on.”

Junior guard Chris Thomas

On Colin Falls’ playing:“Colin is up there with Matt Carroll as far as shooting ability. He has to realize that he’s not going to make every shot. We’re just going to keep him confident and keep feeding him the ball.”

Junior forward Jordan Cornette

On the general feeling of the team “When you lose three games in a row, usually guys would be questioning if this ballclub is any good, but not in this locker room. I think we’re going to be a great team. We’re just taking our hits right now”

On his concerns about the team: “There’s no big concern about where the team’s heads are going to be after this. There’s a lot of talent and heart in this locker room. Coach fully expects us to come to practice with a head of steam tomorrow. We have to improve by Sunday or we’ll take another loss, but the team knows what they have to do to improve.”

Coach Brey Quotes-Indiana

Comments on the game: It was a great college game here tonight. The fan support was and atmosphere was awesome. The team came out a little tight tonight and Indiana made big plays all night. We gave ourselves a chance and kept ourselves in it all night. Luckily for us there is a lot of basketball left to play this season.

Comments on Notre Dame: We played with a lot of character tonight, it has just been a tough 8 or 9 days for us. Especially losing 3 in a row, this is just a test of what we are about and where we are going as a team. IU played well and they had a lot of people step up tonight.

Comments on Torin Francis and Chris Thomas: Torin is still finding his rhythm offensively, this will come as he plays more basketball. Chris played with a lot of heart tonight, he just did not want us to lose this game.

Comments on Collin Falls and Chris Quinn: Collin is getting more confident game after game. Chris is just out of his groove and we need to work on that. Chris did a great job on defense though.

Comments on the upcoming DePaul game: DePaul is a huge game and they will probably be in the top 25 at the time we play them. It’s a big game, they are dedicating their floor that night and it will be an incredible atmosphere. Its a good test for us, we need to rally and