Feb. 24, 2009

Recap | Box Score

Notre Dame vs. Syracuse
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 * Joyce Center * Notre Dame Indiana

Notre Dame Quotes

Head Coach Muffet McGraw
On playing well for forty minutes…
“From start to finish we pushed well, we played well. I thought (Lindsay) Schrader was just incredible today. Today was her birthday and I just thought she played great. Out of the starters, I thought we played pretty well. I’d like to see the bench play a little better though.”

On the up-tempo play from the Irish…
“I think at the beginning of the year we were scoring a lot of points, but right now I’d like to win 90-60. That’s my goal defensively. We can play a game in the 60s, and I think we’re fine in that area but I’d like to play better defensively.”

Lindsay Schrader, Sr., G
On playing well on her birthday…
“I thought it was a great birthday present. I think we had spurts, our team looked unstoppable for a couple of segments in a row and then we let down sometimes, and we just can’t do that. Our points in the paint were tremendous today and definitely wanted to get the ball inside.”

Confidence boost coming off of UConn game…
“I personally (have seen a boost). I’ve seen what our team could be and that’s great. It gives me confidence going up against the number one team in the nation and giving them a run at their place and that helps us at the end of the season and post-season.”

Erica Williamson, Jr., C
On getting the ball inside…
“We were all able to get the ball inside. They had to guard one or two of us and when they did, the other one was open.”

On Lindsay Schrader’s roll on the team…
“She has such an intensity and desire which picks up the rest of the team. She has a love and a passion that she plays with which is really motivating.”

Syracuse Quotes

Head Coach Quentin Hillsman
On Syracuse’s scoring success…
“We’re a zone team, and so are they. I think that because we both practice against it every day, we understand what we have to do to get the ball in the scoring area. No matter what they did, we knew that if we reversed the ball against any zone, we had the opportunity to get the ball inside.”

On the play of Notre Dame senior guard Lindsay Schrader
“You can’t take anything away from her game. She’s a very, very good basketball player. She gets the ball into the scoring area and shoots the ball well. She’s going to be a problem for anybody who is guarding her. I think that she’s a matchup problem for any team in the country, not just us. We knew that she was very deadly inside the arc, and tonight she shot a great percentage.”

On guarding Notre Dame in the post…
“It’s tough when they constantly put a shooter in the corner. You have to pick your poison. Are you going to flatten out and get the shooter in the corner, or are you going to take care of the low block? I thought we did a very good job of trying to take away the low post, and the refs were letting them play. They are a big and strong basketball team, and they did a good job standing inside, asking for the ball, and staying persistent until they got it.”

Chandrea Jones – Sr. – G
On Notre Dame’s success in the post offensively…
“They were very effective getting the ball to the hoop and making shots.”