Senior Tim Randolph snapped his own school record in the 100-yard breast with a time of 54.86 on Friday morning.

Notre Dame Swimmers Compete In Winter Break Competitions

Jan. 9, 2006

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The Notre Dame men’s swimming and diving team traveled to Boca Raton, Fla. for two weeks of training during the University’s winter break. Along with the training, the Irish competed in the Inaugural Scotty Collegiate Invitational Swim Meet and the Inaugural Scotty Collegiate Relay Meet at the Saint Andrews School in Boca Raton. The 19th-ranked Irish return to regular competition this coming weekend at Evansville and at the 24th Annual Dallas Morning News Classic.

Notre Dame swam against the University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC) in the Inaugural Scotty Collegiate Invitational Swim Meet, which was held on Monday, Jan. 2. The Fighting Irish captured first-place finishes in 12 of the 13 events, including two wins apiece by seniors Doug Bauman (75-yard back, 150-yard back) and Tim Randolph (75-yard breast, 75-yard free) and junior Tim Kegelman (75-yard fly, 100-yard IM).

100-Yard Medley Relay: Notre Dame finished 1-2 with the squad of Doug Bauman, Tim Randolph, Tim Kegelman and Louis Cavadini taking first in a time of 42.65. Mitchell Sherman, Eric Swenson, David Cavadini and Daniel Lutkus clocked in a second-place time of 44:09.

350-Yard Freestyle: The Irish took places first through fifth with Ted Brown taking the top-spot in a time of 3:08.85. Jay Vanden Berg was second in 3:10.30 with Patrick Davis (3:15.37), Chris Zeches (3:17.10) and Rob Seery (3:17.13) rounding out the top five spots.

75-Yard Breaststroke: Tim Randolph took home his first of two event titles with a time of 42.69. Tyler Grenda (43.71), Eric Swenson (44.61) and Daniel Rave (45.01) secured spots three through five.

150-Yard Butterfly: Notre Dame failed to win an event for the only time all day, however Patrick Heffernan (1:23.46) took second and Patrick O’Berry was third (1:25.70).

75-Yard Backstroke: The Fighting Irish got back in the win column as Doug Bauman captured his first win of the day by clocking in at 39.38. Notre Dame would also secure the next four spots with Mitchell Sherman (39.58), Steve Shomberger (39.98), Bill Bauman (40.15) and Alan Carter (40.44) continuing the dominant performance by the Irish.

150-Yard Freestyle: Nick Fanslau headed a 1-2-3 finish by the Irish as he touched the wall at 1:15.11 with Ted Brown coming in second at 1:15.28 and Brian Freeman third at 1:16.35.

300-Yard IM: The Fighting Irish continued their trend of sweeps by taking the top four spots, with Jay Vanden Berg winning in a time of 3:01.66. Jamie Lutkus placed second in 3:04.02 and Justin Barber (3:05.81) and Patrick Davis (3:06.05) finished third and fourth, respectively.

75-Yard Butterfly: Notre Dame claimed the top two spots as Tim Kegelman won with a time of 36.41 and Louis Cavadini finished second in a time of 37.96.

150-Yard Breaststroke: Tyler Grenda headlined a 1-2-3-4 finish for the Irish as he clocked in at 1:34.72. Claiming spots two through four were Daniel Rave (1:35.09), Graham Parker (1:38.54) and Jamie Lutkus (1:40.14).

75-Yard Freestyle: For the fifth time all day, the Irish secured at least the top four positions in a race, with Tim Randolph winning his second event of the afternoon in a time of 34.41. Nick Fanslau was second in 35.53 with Rob Seery (35.96) and Doug Bauman (36.08) right behind their Irish teammate in third and fourth, respectively.

150-Yard Backstroke: The Irish claimed stake to the top three spots yet again. Doug Bauman placed first at 1:24.61, while Steve Shomberger was second in 1:25.84 and Alan Carter was third in 1:26.74.

100-Yard IM: In the final individual event of the day, Tim Kegelman (54.14), Patrick Heffernan (55.38) and Jamie Lutkus (55.74) completed a 1-2-3 finish for the Irish.

300-Yard Freestyle Relay: Notre Dame finished 1-2 in the second and final relay event of the day. The squad of Louis Cavadini, Ted Brown, Nick Fanslau and Tim Randolph clocked in a first-place time of 2:20.02. Rob Seery, Daniel Lutkus, Brian Freeman and Jay Vanden Berg teamed up to finish second in a time of 2:22.26.

The Fighting Irish took to the pool again on Sunday, Jan. 8 as they faced Binghamton University in the Inaugural Scotty Collegiate Relay Meet at the Saint Andrews School. Just as they did earlier in the week, the Irish dominated the pool against the Bearcats by winning all 12 events.

300-Yard Medley Relay (4 x 75): The team of Doug Bauman, Tim Randolph, Tim Kegelman and Louis Cavadini won in a time of 2:33.13.

850-Yard Freestyle Relay (50-100-200-500): The Irish claimed the top two spots, with the team of Nick Fanslau, Rob Seery, Ted Brown and Jay Vanden Berg winning in 7:40.35. Bill Bauman, David Cavadini Brian Freeman and Patrick Davis were second in 7:45.66.

100-Yard Breaststroke Relay (4 X 25): Notre Dame’s winning team of Eric Swenson, Tyler Grenda, Graham Parker and Tim Randolph clocked in at 49.86, while the other Irish squad of Daniel Rave, Justin Barber, Dean Fernandez and Jamie Lutkus was second in 51.60.

300-Yard Butterfly Relay (50-100-150): The three-man team of Chris Barnes, Patrick Heffernan and Patrick O’Berry clocked in at 2:43.05 to take the title. Finishing second was the Irish trio of Louis Cavadini, Nick Fanslau and Bryan Guarnier in a time of 2:50.29.

100-Yard Backstroke Relay (4 X 25): The winning team of Mitchell Sherman, Steve Shomberger, Alan Carter and Doug Bauman finished with a time of 45.47, while the runner-up Irish team of Bill Bauman, Brian Freeman, Rob Seery and Chris Zeches clocked in at 45.81.

300-Yard Freestyle Relay (50-100-150): For the fifth straight race, Notre Dame finished 1-2 with the trio of Ted Brown, Tim Kegelman and Rob Seery swimming a time of 2:28.75. Chris Barnes, Daniel Lutkus and Jace Hopper teamed to clock a second-place time of 2:28.96.

400-Yard IM Relay (100-200-100): The Irish claimed yet another title when as Patrick Heffernan, Jamie Lutkus and Tim Randolph finished in 3:57.12.

100-Yard Freestyle Relay (4 X 25): Notre Dame swept the top two spots yet again as Daniel Lutkus, Chris Barnes, Ted Brown and Nick Fanslau teamed to finish in 40.37, while Chris Zeches, Mitchell Sherman, Bryan Guarnier and Dean Fernandez placed second in 42.50.

300-Yard Breaststroke Relay (50-100-150): The team of Eric Swenson, Tyler Grenda and Daniel Rave won in 3:04.32 and finishing second was the Irish trio of Jamie Lutkus, Graham Parker and Jay Vanden Berg in a time of 3:09.98.

100-Yard Butterfly Relay (4 X 25): The Cavadini brothers were two of the four swimmers to lead the Fighting Irish to the first-place finish in a time of 41.91. The other swimmers on the squad were Tim Kegelman and Patrick Heffernan.

300-Yard Backstroke Relay (50-100-150): The three-man squad of Mitchell Sherman, Doug Bauman and Brian Freeman clocked a winning time of 2:45.04, while the runner-up trio of Bill Bauman, Alan Carter and Steve Shomberger finished in 2:50.37.

250-Yard Freestyle Relay (10 X 25): Notre Dame ended the meet with yet another 1-2 finish with the 10-man team of Chris Barnes, Tim Randolph, Steve Shomberger, Doug Bauman, Bryan Guarnier, Patrick O’Berry, Tyler Grenda, Patrick Davis, Jamie Lutkus and Patrick Heffernan took first in 1:39.51. The runner-up squad of Tim Kegelman, Rob Seery, Bill Bauman, Nick Fanslau, Daniel Rave, Daniel Lutkus, Alan Carter, David Cavadini, Ted Brown and Louis Cavadini were finished in 1:40.23.

Notre Dame returns to the pool this Friday (Jan. 13) as the majority of the squad will travel to Evansville for a dual meet versus the Purple Aces. The competition gets underway at 5:00 p.m. (CT). The Irish defeated Evansville 158-54 last season and are 4-0 all-time against the Purple Aces.

Each of the six teams in the 24th Annual Dallas Morning News Classic are allowed to bring eight swimmers and one diver. The meet, which takes place Friday (Jan. 13) and Saturday (Jan. 14), is hosted by SMU in the Perkins Natatorium in Dallas, Texas. Swimming for the Irish will be seniors Doug Bauman, Jamie Lutkus and Tim Randolph juniors Ted Brown, Louis Cavadini, Nick Fanslau and Tim Kegelman, and sophomore Jay Vanden Berg. Freshman diver Michael Bulfin will be Notre Dame’s lone diver in the meet.

Joining Notre Dame in the pool will be Florida, Florida State, Northwestern, SMU and Washington. This will mark Notre Dame’s first-ever appearance in the prestigious event.

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