Aug. 28, 2009

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Notre Dame, Ind. (Aug. 19, 2009) – – The University of Notre Dame announced today they have added a free downloadable desktop alert application, The B-Line, to their athletic web site which will enable fans to instant awareness of information related to Notre Dame Athletics.

“The B-Line provides a better-quality experience for avid fans by taking the interaction out of the browser and bringing news and information directly onto the desktop. When breaking news happens, users are alerted and are the first to be notified, ” said Alicia Nevins, Chief Development Officer of New Tier, Inc. “It is a lot like having your own personal sporting news ticker docked at the bottom of your screen…It’s always on and it’s always keeping you in the know.”

The B-Line gives fans a full view of Notre Dame Athletics, alerting them to the latest news, new stories, as well as highlights and keeps fans one click away from the Universities’ web site. The software is free and is available for download through the official Notre Dame site, The B-Line is a professional application with a small foot print, and is available for fans’ Personal Computers.

A Macintosh version will be available within the next seven days.

The B-Line was provided to the University of Notre Dame and their fans through a partnership agreement between New Tier, Inc. and CBS College Sports Network, which is facilitating the launch of similar versions of this product at 75 universities by late summer 2009.

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