Jan. 22, 2000

Notre Dame vs. PittsburghJanuary 22, 2000    Joyce Center    12:00 p.m.
Key:JS - jump shot PM - power move L - layupTK - top of key LW - left wing RW - right wingLBL - left baseline RBL - right baseline 3PT - three-point field goalxx' - distance of shot P - player foul T - team foul
ND Starters: G - Dillon, Carroll C - Swanagan F - Murphy, GravesPITT Starters: G - Knight, Holmes C - Seabrooks F - Greer, Lockhart

Time Notre Dame Score Dif. Pittsburgh20:00 -- -- Tip to Pitt19:22 Murphy three from TOK from Graves 3-0 +319:03 3-2 +1 Seabrooks 8? turnaround J over Murphy18:37 Carroll warming it up from three on LW 6-2 +418:14 6-4 +2 Greer with JS from left elbow17:34 The gloved one (Swanagan) with a 17? in key 8-4 +416:39 Carroll likes zone with another three from LW 11-4 +715:57 MEDIA TIMEOUT #1 SUB: Taylor for Lockhart15:02 11-6 +5 Seabrooks with 4' jumper after interference14:38 11-8 +3 Seabrooks with strong finish from RB14:22 Murphy answers back with turnaround of his own 13-8 +513:44 FOUL: Knight P1, T1 SUB: Ingelsby for Dillon SUB: Lockhart for Holmes13:37 Graves wants to join the three party from LW 16-8 +813:09 FOUL: Lockhart P1, T2 SUB: Worrell for Greer12:14 SUB: Monserez, Kartelo for Carroll, Swanagan SUB: Holmes, Greer for Seabrooks, Knight12:08 16-10 +6 Greer with 15' from RBL11:56 16-12 +4 Greer converts LU off steal, Ugh!11:25 Murphy with jumper from right elbow 18-12 +611:11 FOUL: Kartelo P1, T1 MEDIA TIMEOUT #2 SUB: Macura for Graves10:51 Kartelo shoots two: miss, good 19-12 +7 FOUL: Greer P1, T3 SUB: Knight, Seabrooks, Finneman all in game9:32 SUB: Graves for Murphy SUB: Lockhart for Taylor9:31 FOUL: Graves P1, T29:14 19-14 +5 Wow! Seabrooks with hook shot from LB8:49 19-17 +2 Lockhart gets Pitt back in it with three from RW8:24 Threeeeeeeee. Ingelsby from TOK 22-17 +58:04 22-20 +2 Lockhart answers back with three7:53 Graves gets Irish sixth three of game from LW 25-20 +57:52 PITT TIMEOUT #1 Sub: Murphy, Carroll for Monserez, Macura 7:20 Murphy with 6' turnaround through three guys 27-20 +76:17 MEDIA TIMEOUT #3 SUB: Taylor, Worrell, Holmes all in game4:50 27-22 +5 Taylor with reverse LU off steal4:31 Beware: Moose crossing - Ingelsby with three 30-22 +84:13 SUB: Lockhart, Seabrooks for Knight, Greer3:57 Murphy getting warm with 6' from left block 32-22 +103:36 FOUL: Graves P2, T3 MEDIA TIMEOUT #4 SUB: Macura for Graves3:20 SUB: Knight, Greer for Holmes, Worrell2:59 32-24 +8 Greer converts 6' JS off fast break2:42 Carroll hits another three 35-24 +112:23 35-27 +8 Three for Three: Lockhart hits his own2:06 FOUL: Seabrooks P1, T4
Notre Dame men vs. PittsburghFirst Half continuedJanuary 22, 2000
SUB: Monserez for Carroll1:40 35-30 +5 Lockhart is on fire with another three1:14 Hey Macarena! Macura for three! 38-30 +828.3 NOTRE DAME 30-SECOND TO SUB: Graves, Carroll, Swanagan in game22.4 SUB: Dillon, Macura, Kartelo in game1.0 38-32 +6 Seabrooks with 4' JS from LB

HALFTIME SCORE: Notre Dame 38 Pittsburgh 32
First Half Ties: 0 First Half Lead Changes: Largest ND Lead, First Half: +11 (35-24)Largest Pitt Lead, First Half: none Notre Dame vs. PittsburghJanuary 22, 2000, Joyce Center, 12:00 p.m.
Second HalfND Starters: G - Carroll, Dillon C - Swanagan F - Graves, Murphy PITT Starters: G - Knight, Holmes C - Seabrooks F - Lockhart, Greer

Time Notre Dame Score Dif. Pittsburgh20:00 38-32 +6 Pitt ball to open second19:41 FOUL: Swanagan P1, T119:00 Swanagan shoots two: good,good 40-32 +8 FOUL: Greer P2, T118:45 40-34 +6 Seabrooks with bank shot in lane18:19 FOUL: Knight P2, T218:14 FOUL: Graves P3, T2 SUB: Macura for Graves17:53 SUB: Taylor for Knight17:25 40-36 +4 Lockhart with running floater in lane17:14 Ingelsby, Monserez for Dillon, Carroll 16:56 40-38 +2 Greer sneaks down low for LU on LS16:32 Macura sees the basket for three 43-38 +516:04 FOUL: Seabrooks P2, T3 SUB: Worrell for Greer15:55 Murphy puts back own miss after Ingelsby feed 45-38 +715:36 Ingelsby shoots two: good, good 47-38 +9 TECHNICALFOUL: Taylor P1, T4 SUB: Knight, Greer for Taylor, Holmes MEDIA TIMEOUT #114:48 Swanagan shoots two: good, good 49-38 +11 FOUL: Seabrooks P3, T5 SUB: Holmes for Seabrooks14:19 49-40 +9 Was that Brevin or Brandin? Knight for 214:02 Kukoc, I mean Macura with another three - 52-38 +1213:42 SUB: Kartelo, Palmer for Swanagan, Murphy SUB: Seabrooks, Taylor for Worrell, Lockhart13:41 FOUL: Palmer P1, T3 52-42 +10 Seabrooks LU plus one: miss13:37 FOUL: Ingelsby P1, T4 SUB: Dillon, Carroll for Monserez, Ingelsby13:10 He's on fire-Macura again from three 55-42 +1312:50 FOUL: Macura P1, T5 Greer shoots two: miss, lane violation12:38 SUB: Murphy for Palmer SUB: Worrell for Seabrooks (injured shoulder)12:30 SUB: Murphy P1, T612:05 FOUL: Greer P3, T6 SUB: Lockhart for Holmes11:50 Kartelo powers up in lane with LU 57-42 +1511:31 FOUL: Kartelo P2, T7 57-45 +12 Greer with strong finish: plus one: good SUB: Monserez for Carroll MEDIA TIMEOUT #211:07 SUB: Graves, Swanagan for Macura, Kartelo (Kentucky for Croatia)10:47 SUB: Seabrooks (shoulder in place) for Worrell10:15 Graves follows own miss 59-45 +149:53 59-47 +12 Greer with 8' jumper from right elbow8:54 FOUL: Graves P4, T8 59-50 +9 Greer with follow plus one: good SUB: Macura , Ingelsby for Graves, Monserez8:28 Martin for three from LW from Dillon 62-50 +12 TIES NOTRE DAME THREE POINT RECORD8:00 FOUL: Swanagan P2, T9 Taylor shoots one and one: miss SUB: Holmes, Worrell for Knight, Greer7:47 Swanagan with strong LU from Macura 64-50 +147:37 PITTSBURGH CALLS 30-SECOND TO7:19 FOUL: Murphy P2, T10 64-52 +12 Worrell shoots two: good, good SUB: Knight for Taylor SUB: Graves for Macura SUB: Greer for Worrell MEDIA TIMEOUT #37:03 Murphy shoots one and bonus: good, good 66-52 +14 FOUL: Seabrooks P4, T7
Notre Dame Men vs. PittsburghSecond Half Continued

6:39 FOUL: Graves P5 66-53 +13 Seabrooks shoots two: miss, good SUB: Macura for Graves6:20 SUB: Taylor for Holmes5:36 SUB: Monserez for Macura5:30 Showtime with LU off Monserez feed - pretty 68-53 +154:35 FOUL: Ingelsby P2 Taylor shoots two: miss, miss4:06 Murphy shoots two: miss, good 69-53 +16 FOUL: Greer P4, T8 SUB: Macura for Monserez3:47 69-56 +13 Lockhart tattoos three from NBA range3:32 Murphy shoots two: good, good 71-56 +15 FOUL: Knight P3, T9 SUB: Monserez for Ingelsby MEDIA TIMEOUT #43:17 SUB: Ingelsby for Macura3:08 Monserez shoots two: miss, good 72-56 +16 FOUL: Knight P4, T10 SUB: Macura for Monserez2:57 72-58 +14 Seabrooks with hookshot from right block2:27 Don't give him room-Murphy for three 75-58 +171:47 FOUL: Murphy P3 75-59 +16 Taylor shoots two: good, miss SUB: Monserez for Macura1:42 75-61 +14 Greer with 15' from RW1:36 FOUL: Swanagan P4 75-63 +12 Taylor shoots two: good, good1:33 Monserez shoots two: good, good 77-63 +14 FOUL: Lockhart P21:32 SUB: Macura for Ingelsby1:24 77-66 +11 Locckhart with another three from LW53.3 Dillon tips in own miss 79-66 +1332.4 Swanagan with power slam 81-66 +15

FINAL SCORE: Notre Dame 81 Pittsburgh 66
Total Regulation Ties: noneLargest ND Lead: +17 (75-58)Largest Pittsburgh Lead: none