Notre Dame has announced its special designation home football game for the 2008 season.

Notre Dame Announces Football Team Captains For 2005

April 20, 2005

The members of the University of Notre Dame football team have voted team captains Linebacker Brandon Hoyte and quarterback Brady Quinn for the 2005 football season, Irish head coach Charlie Weis announced Tuesday evening.

By virtue of the vote, Hoyte and Quinn will be the team’s designated captains for each game of the ’05 season, to be joined each week by a special teams performer to be determined by special teams coaches Bernie Parmalee and Brian Polian.

Team members also elected a group of representatives from the team’s various position groups.

Members of the 2005 Irish Football House of Representatives are: Victor Abiamiri (defensive line), Anthony Fasano (tight ends), D.J. Fitzpatrick (special teams), Corey Mays (linebackers), Rhema McKnight (receivers), Rashon Powers-Neal (running backs), Brady Quinn (quarterbacks), Dan Stevenson (offensive line) and Tom Zbikowski (defensive backs).

Those representatives will join Hoyte and Quinn to comprise the team’s Leadership Committee for 2005.

“Leadership is something we often talk about but is usually an intangible quality,” Weis said. “Leadership has to come from many places – the head coach and the coaching staff, for sure – but ultimately it must come from the players themselves. That’s why the Leadership Committee will be such an important facet of our football team.”