The NCAA legislative cycle has come to an end and there was a lot of legislation that was adopted that will change the areas of eligibility, recruiting, financial aid, academics, and playing and practice seasons. For a complete listing of the adopted legislation, log onto the NCAA website at Until then…check out the highlights:

  • Volunteer coaches in sports other than football and basketball may participate in meals during prospects’ official visits.
  • Penalties for poor academic performance will be applied beginning with the 2005-2006 academic year. A team will not be able to provide the athletic aid that was given to a freshman in 2004-2005 who left the university academically ineligible.
  • Team members may receive meals incidental to participation in a home contest.
  • Maximum of 20 hours practice and competition for multi-sport athletes.
  • GREAT NEWS – LONG OVERDUE. Our student-athletes who receive financial aid not related to athletics may keep that aid all the way to the cost of attendance.
  • No longer can schools use express mail for recruiting purposes. We can continue to send the NLI or the financial aid agreements express – but that is the extent of its use.
  • Effective in August, 2004 – all of our sports (except football) get to contact juniors off-campus in April – phone them in March. For football, basketball, baseball and volleyball – these provisions do not “trump” recruiting calendars.
  • Effective in August, 2004 – we will need to provide prospects with a list of NCAA-banned drugs and nutritional supplements.

If you have any questions about the adopted legislation or its applications please do not hesitate to call the Athletics Compliance Office at 574-631-8090.