December 1, 1998

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Key:JS -    jump shot  PM - power move L - layupTK -    top of key LW - left wing  RW - right wingLBL -   left baseline     RBL - right baseline    3PT - three-point field goalxx' -   distance of shot  P - player foul T - team foul   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ND Starters:        G - Ingelsby, Wyche  C - Hickey  F - Graves, MurphyIndiana Starters:   G - Fife, Guyton  C - Washington  F - Recker, Gladness 
       Time    Notre Dame                              Score   Dif.    Indiana
20:00 ND controls opening tip 0-0 ---- 19:38 Graves power move from right block 2-0 +219:23 2-2 T Washington 12' JS right corner19:02 Wyche 17' JS right baseline off inbounds pass 4-2 +218:37 Foul: Wyche P1, T118:07 4-4 T Washington JS right block from Fife17:52 Graves 3PT goal left wing 7-4 +317:40 Foul: Graves P1, T2 7-5 +2 Recker two free-throws: good, miss17:21 7-7 T Recker drives left side for L16:58 Foul: Hickey P1, T316:43 7-10 LC-3 Recker 3PT goal left angle16:27 Foul: Gladness P1, T116:03 7-12 -5 Recker tips in Guyton miss15:45 Ingelsby 15' JS left wing 9-12 -315:22 9-14 -5 Fife L from Gladness15:09 Foul: Recker P1, T2 Media Timeout14:23 Murphy power move right block 11-14 -313:48 11-16 -5 Guyton drives through two Irish defenders for L13:45 ND 20-Second Timeout Sub: Swanagan for Hickey13:30 Subs: Lewis, Haston for Fife, Washington13:14 Foul: Lewis P1, T312:58 Murphy two free-throws: miss, miss 11-16 -5 Foul: Haston P1, T412:21 Sub: Owens for Graves12:10 Wyche fast-break L from Ingelsby 13-16 -311:59 Foul: Murphy P1, T4 Media Timeout Sub: Turner for Recker11:43 Murphy fast-break dunk from Wyche 15-16 -111:13 Owens tips in Swanagan miss 17-16 LC+110:56 17-18 LC-1 Guyton finds seam in defense for reverse L10:17 17-20 -3 Guyton reverse lay-in9:57 Foul: Swanagan P1, T5 Sub: Fife for Guyton Subs: Hickey, Dillon for Swanagan, Ingelsby9:14 17-23 -6 Fife 3PT goal left side9:04 Sub: Graves for Owens Foul: Fife P1, T58:56 Hickey 16' JS off right elbow 19-23 -48:47 Sub: Carroll for Wyche8:20 Sub: Williamson for Murphy Foul: Haston P2, T6 Sub: Odle for Gladness8:10 Carroll 12' jumper left side 21-23 -27:42 Media Timeout Sub: Washington for Odle7:21 Foul: Graves P2, T67:00 Hickey shooting two: good, good 23-23 T Foul: Washington P1, T7 (Penalty)6:32 Foul: Graves P3, T7 (Penalty) 23-24 -1 Recker shooting 1-and-1: good, miss Sub: Owens, Murphy for Graves, Williamson Sub: Guyton for Lewis6:10 Murphy shooting two: good, good 25-24 LC+1 Foul: Washington P2, T8 Sub: Wyche for Carroll5:26 Sub: Ingelsby for Dillon Sub: Gladness for Washington
Time    Notre Dame                                      Score   Dif.    Indiana
5:10 Foul: Wyche P2, T8 (player control) 25-24 +1 Sub: Carroll for Wyche4:07 25-27 LC-2 Recker 3PT goal left baseline3:46 Sub: Swanagan for Hickey Sub: Odle for Haston Media Timeout3:34 25-29 -4 Gladness powers over Swanagan for lay-in3:10 Swanagan power move inside 27-29 -22:27 Murphy rebounds Owens miss + 1 29-29 T Foul: Odle P1, T9 Murphy one free-throw: good 30-29 LC+11:44 Murphy dunks for rebound goal 32-29 +31:12 Carroll shooting two: miss, miss Foul: Fife P2, T10 (Double Penalty) Sub: Rainey for Owens Sub: Richardson for Gladness1:05 Foul: Ingelsby P1, T9 32-31 +1 Fife shooting 1-and-1: good, good Sub: Lewis for Fife:51.9 Swanagan L from offensive rebound 34-31 +3:37.2 Sub: Dillon for Rainey Foul: Richardson P1 (player control):20.6 Swanagan shooting two: good, good 36-31 +5 Foul: Richardson P2 Sub: Owens, Rainey for Murphy, Dillon:05.8 Sub: Dillon, Murphy for Owens, Rainey
HALFTIME SCORE:                 Notre Dame   36,    Indiana   31First Half Ties:                6  (at 2, 4, 7, 23, 24, 29)First Half Lead Changes:        6Largest ND Lead, First Half:    5  (at ND 36 - IU 31)Largest IU Lead, First Half:    6  (at IU 23 - ND 17)
Second HalfND Starters:                    G - Ingelsby, Wyche  C - Hickey  F - Graves, MurphyIndiana Starters:               G - Lewis, Guyton  C - Washington  F - Recker, Gladness 
Time    Notre Dame      Score   Dif.    Indiana
20:00 36-31 +5 IU inbounds to start second half19:33 Ingelsby 3PT goal left of key from Wyche 39-31 +818:46 39-34 +5 Guyton 3PT goal left wing18:18 Hickey puts back offensive rebound 41-34 +717:56 Foul: Washington P3, T117:38 Graves two free-throws: good, good 43-34 +9 Foul: Gladness P2, T2 Technical Foul: Gladness TE 1, P3, T3 IU Timeout #117:03 Murphy turn-around jumper right block 45-34 +1116:47 45-36 +9 Guyton 14' JS from Lewis15:51 45-39 +6 Recker 3PT goal left corner15:44 ND 20-Second Timeout Sub: Odle for Gladness15:30 Wyche goes backdoor, dunks, from Hickey 47-39 +815:18 Foul: Ingelsby P2, T115:13 Foul: Graves P4, T2 Sub: Owens for Graves14:47 Foul: Washington P4, T414:01 Foul: Odle P2, T5 Sub: Haston for Washington13:40 47-41 +6 Guyton JS from a step behind the foul line13:16 47-43 +4 Lewis L off own steal12:52 Foul: Murphy P2, T3 (player contol) Sub: Swanagan for Hickey11:59 Foul: Murphy P3, T4 Sub: Fife for Recker Sub: Carroll for Owens Media Timeout11:35 Foul: Carroll P1, T511:01 47-45 +2 Guyton fast-break L from Odle10:38 47-48 LC-1 Lewis 3PT goal right baseline10:30 ND 20-Second Timeout10:16 Swanagan power move on the right block 49-48 LC+19:33 Foul: Swanagan P2, T6 (player control)9:05 Sub: Dillon for Carroll8:59 Swanagan L from Dillon + 1 51-48 +3 Foul: Haston P3, T6 Swanagan one free-throw: good 52-48 +4 Sub: Recker, Gladness for Guyton, Haston8:00 Ingelsby drives lane, stops & pops from 8' 54-48 +67:43 54-51 +3 Recker 3PT goal right wing7:20 Media Timeout7:19 Murphy dunk off inbound pass from Ingelsby 56-51 +56:55 56-53 +3 Guyton 17' jumper left wing6:22 Foul: Swanagan P3, T7 (Penalty) 56-54 +2 Gladness two free-throws: good, miss Sub: Graves, Hickey for Wyche, Swanagan6:11 Murphy shooting 1-and-1: good, good 58-54 +4 Foul: Odle P3, T7 (Penalty)5:53 58-57 +1 Fife 3PT goal from top of key5:43 Dillon shooting 1-and-1: good, miss 59-57 +2 Foul: Fife P3, T84:52 Sub: Wyche for Dillon4:32 Foul: Graves P5, T8 59-59 T Recker shooting two: good, good Sub: Dillon for Graves3:47 Foul: Dillon P1, T9 59-61 LC-2 Recker shooting 1-and-1: good, good Sub: Swanagan for Hickey Media Timeout3:35 Murphy shooting 1-and-1: good, good 61-61 T Foul: Odle P4, T93:17 61-63 -2 Fife drives right side for lay-in2:32 Foul: Murphy P4, T10 (Double Penalty) 61-64 -3 Gladness shooting two: miss, good
Time    Notre Dame                                      Score   Dif.    Indiana
2:32 Sub: Carroll for Dillon 61-64 -31:53 Foul: Swanagan P4 Odle shooting two: miss, miss Sub: Dillon for Carroll1:25 Wyche shooting three: good, good, good 64-64 T Foul: Fife P4, T10 (Double Penalty) Sub: Carroll for Swanagan Sub: Lewis for Odle:54.2 Foul: Ingelsby P3 64-65 -1 Lewis shooting two: miss, good Sub: Swanagan for Carroll Sub: Odle for Lewis:34.5 ND Timeout #1 Sub: Carroll for Swanagan:16.8 Foul: Ingelsby P4 64-66 -2 Odle shooting two: good, miss Sub: Swanagan for Carroll:11.0 ND Timeout #2:03.6 Dillon drives lane for scooping L 66-66 T
SCORE, END OF REGULATION:       Notre Dame   66,     Indiana   66
Total Regulation Ties: 10 (at 2, 4, 7, 23, 24, 29, 59, 61, 64, 66)Total Regulation Changes: 9
Largest ND Lead, Regulation: 11 (at ND 45 - IU 34)Largest IU Lead, Regulation: 6 (at IU 23 - ND 17)
ND Starters: G - Ingelsby, Wyche C - Swanagan F - Dillon, MurphyIndiana Starters: G - Lewis, Guyton C - Odle F - Recker, Gladness
Time    Notre Dame                                      Score   Dif.    Indiana
5:00 66-66 T IU controls tip 66-69 -3 Recker 3PT goal top of key4:24 Murphy two free-throws: good, good 68-69 -1 Foul: Gladness P44:13 IU 20-Second Timeout3:56 Foul: Dillon P2 68-70 -2 Gladness two free-throws: (lane), good3:26 Dillon crosses over for17' JS right wing 70-70 T3:16 Sub: Carroll for Swanagan3:08 70-72 -2 Recker 6' JS right side2:39 Wyche dribbles back for 18' jumper 72-72 T2:16 72-74 -2 Gladness 1-handed jumper in the lane1:22 Foul: Carroll P2 Recker shooting two: miss, miss Sub: Swanagan for Carroll:45.7 ND Timeout:28.3 Foul: Dillon P3 72-75 -3 Fife shooting two: miss, good:09.7 Foul: Ingelsby P5 72-76 -4 Lewis shooting two: miss, good Sub: Carroll for Ingelsby IU Timeout
FINAL SCORE:            Indiana  76,      Notre Dame   72
Total Ties: 12 (at 2, 4, 7, 23, 24, 29, 59, 61, 64, 66, 70, & 72)Total Lead Changes: 9
Largest ND Lead: 11 (at ND 45 - IU 34)Largest IU Lead: 6 (at IU 23 - ND 17)