Marty Allen ('58) with his family after receiving the Moose Krause Distinguished Service Award.

Marty Allen ('58) Receives 2013 Distinguished Service Award at An Evening With The Monogram Club

April 22, 2013

The Notre Dame Monogram Club awarded former Monogram Club president Marty Allen ’58 (student manager) with the 2013 Moose Krause Distinguished Service Award at An Evening With The Monogram Club on Saturday night in the Joyce Center’s Sports Heritage Hall.

More than 200 guests were in attendance, including Allen’s wife, Sue, his children Mike (’88), Steve and Kat, and his six grandchildren.

Former Monogram Club executive director and current associate athletics director Jim Fraleigh ’88 (student manager) introduced Allen, speaking about their close relationship and the numerous lifetime accomplishments of the former Irish head football manager.

“While the titles and positions Marty has held throughout his professional career have been incredibly distinguished, over the years I’ve learned that positions and titles really don’t mean a whole lot to Marty,” Fraleigh said. “Knowing Marty like I do, I feel confident to tell you that he would tell you the most important titles that he’s held are: friend, mentor, confidant, community leader, family man, and most importantly, loving husband.”

Allen, currently the chairman emeritus and a lifetime trustee of the Gerald R. Ford Foundation, graduated from Notre Dame with a bachelor of science degree in 1958 before serving on active duty as a U.S. Navy officer and receiving his MBA from Michigan State University in 1962.

In 1966, he returned to his hometown of Grand Rapids, joining Old Kent Bank and Trust Company, where during his 31-year career, he played an integral role in the organization’s efforts to encourage the growth of the community and West Michigan region. He retired as executive vice president, director of strategic planning and secretary, and continued to support Old Kent as a consultant until 2000.

Joining the board as a director in 1991, Allen has been a longtime valuable leader of the Monogram Club. From 1997 to 1999, he was the 59th president in Monogram Club history, and he currently serves as a board advisor.

“[When] I was accepted in 1954, my main goal was to get my degree, but I did have a second goal which was maybe a little unique. I really had a tremendous desire to be a football manager,” Allen said. “In 1958, my senior year, I, like many of you, got that scroll that has some unbelievable words to it, that just makes you a little different than the degree you get.”

Emceed by honorary Monogram recipient Bob Nagle, the presentation of the Moose Krause award highlighted the annual dinner, which introduced a new reception-style format this year.

The program began with a special conversation featuring Monogram Club president Dick Nussbaum ’74 & ’77 (baseball) and incoming president Haley Scott DeMaria ’95 (swimming). The duo reflected upon Nussbaum’s tenure as Club president and looked ahead to the future under DeMaria’s leadership.

Nussbaum was also presented with a special Monogram Club chair, and for his final act as Club president, passed the gavel to DeMaria.


The Moose Krause Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor given by the Notre Dame Monogram Club. It is bestowed upon an active Club member who has achieved notoriety in the following areas:

– Exemplary performance in local, state or national government

– Outstanding dedication to the spirit and ideals of Notre Dame

– Demonstrated responsibility to and concern for their respective communities

– Extraordinary commitment and involvement with youth

The Monogram Club’s officers and board of directors select the annual recipient.

The award is named in honor of Notre Dame athletics legend Edward “Moose” Krause (1913-92), a three-sport monogram winner in the early 1930s who earned All-America honors in football and basketball while also competing in track and field. He later served as an assistant football coach and assistant and head basketball coach at Notre Dame before becoming one of the nation’s most respected athletic directors, serving in that role at his alma mater from 1949-82.

Monogram Club Moose Krause Distinguished Service Award Recipients

1979 – Ray Meyer ’38 (basketball)
1980 – Clarence “Jake” Kline ’21 (baseball)
1981 – Edward “Moose” Krause ’34 (football, basketball)
1982 – Harvey Foster ’39 (football)
1983 – Jim Mello ’48 (football)
1984 – Ziggy Czarobski ’48 (football)
1985 – Rev. John Smyth ’57 (basketball)
1986 – Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. ’39 (honorary member)
1986 – Rev. Edmund P. “Ned” Joyce, C.S.C. ’37 (honorary member)
1987 – Dan Harshman ’68 (football)
1988 – John Jordan ’69 (honorary member)
1989 – Leo Barnhorst ’49 (basketball)
1989 – Bill Hassett ’47 (basketball, baseball)
1990 – Dave Duerson ’83 (football)
1991 – Zeke O’Connor `49 (football)
1992 – Joseph Signaigo ’48 (football)
1993 – Fritz Wilson ’28 (baseball)
1994 – Dr. Dennis Nigro ’69 (tennis)
1995 – Dick Rosenthal ’54 (basketball, baseball)
1996 – Chris Zorich ’91 (football)
1997 – George Kelly ’53 (honorary member)
1998 – Ara Parseghian (honorary member)
1999 – John Carney ’87 (football)
2000 – Mike Wadsworth ’66 (football)
2000 – Rev. William Beauchamp, C.S.C. ’75 (honorary member)
2001 – Rev. Jim Riehle, C.S.C. ’49 (honorary member)
2002 – Bill Hurd ’69 (track and field)
2003 – Pete Demmerle ’75 (football)
2004 – Jim Morse ’57 (football)
2005 – Rev. Edward A. “Monk” Malloy, C.S.C ’63, ’67 & ’69 (basketball)
2006 – Carol Lally Shields ’79 (basketball)
2007 – Jerome Bettis (football)
2008 – Lou Holtz (honorary member)
2009 – Mike DeCicco ’49 (fencing)
2010 – Dennis Stark ’47 (honorary member)
2011 – Chuck Lennon ’61, ’62 (baseball)
2012 – Joe Kernan ’68 (baseball)
2013 – Marty Allen ’58 (student manager)