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Football Lottery Frequently Asked Questions

Completing Your Application

Will the seat and parking selection site work on a tablet or mobile phone?

The seat and parking selection system is optimized to work on a desktop or laptop computer. Use of tablets or mobile phones to operate the selection system is strongly discouraged as it may result in impaired functionality and user experience.

Is my selection site login information the same as my ticket account login information?

Yes. Different from last year, your login is the same as your online ticket account. You will use your account number and the password you created for your account. You will not be able to use your temporary password from the 2017 ticket lottery.

How long do I have to complete my application?

You will have from your start time until July 13th to complete your application. Please note, we encourage you to make your selections as close to your start time as possible to ensure the best availability of tickets and parking.

How long will I have to complete my selections once I’ve logged in to the lottery selection site?

The process includes a 30-minute cart timer to complete your selections. This timer will only begin once you have made your first seat or parking selection.

What if I log out while making my selections? Will my seat locations and parking be saved?

Should you log out or have your session interrupted while making your selections, your seat locations and parking will not be saved. You will need to start the process over and make new selections.

Are there others selecting their seats at the same time?

Yes. Anyone with the same or earlier start time may be logged in at the time of your selection. Therefore, it is recommended that you make your selections as close to your start time as possible to ensure the best seat locations and parking availability.

How was my start time assigned to me?

Your start time was assigned based on your relationship with the University. Benefaction is one factor, but not the only one, and designations such as dues-paying Monogram members, parents of current students, etc. are also contributing factors.

What will happen if I miss my selection time?

Your selection start date and time is the earliest that you can make your selections. You may select your seats and parking at any point from your selection start time until July 13th. However, we encourage you to make your selections as close to your start time as possible to ensure the best seat locations and parking availability.

What do the green, yellow and red areas mean on the seating and parking maps?

Green indicates seats or parking are available in these areas. Yellow indicates only single seats are available in these sections. Red indicates seats or parking are no longer available in these areas.

Why am I only being charged for my home ticket and parking selections and not my away games or Shamrock Series tickets?

Your home game selections are secured and final once you complete your payment. Away game lottery applications, including Shamrock Series, will be taken as requests until July 13th. Shortly after the seat and parking selection process ends, the ticket office will conduct a lottery for away games and for the Shamrock Series. Your credit card will be charged for the away games you won once results have been released. You will be contacted via email with away game lottery results. Please contact the ticket office at  1-833-NDIRISH (634-7474) if your credit card information changes or needs to be updated before July 13th.

I have more than one lottery application type (e.g., Alumni, Monogram, Parent, etc.). How will my ticket limits be applied?

Your limits for each home game are cumulative of all application types for which you are eligible. For example, if you are eligible for 4 tickets to a home game under your alumni application as well as 4 tickets under a parent application to the same home game, you will be able to select up to 8 seats for that home game. Due to the limited number of tickets available, away game limits are not cumulative and default to your highest priority application type. Limits are game-specific and vary by application type.

I have more than one lottery application type (e.g., Alumni, Monogram, Parent, etc.). Will I have separate start times for each application type?

You will only be assigned one selection start time, defaulting to your highest priority application type.

How do I group seat?

There is currently no group seating function facilitated by the system. However, lottery participants wishing to group their seats together may coordinate their seat selection by waiting until the latest scheduled selection start date and time in their group to select seats in close proximity to each other.

What if I need accessible (i.e., ADA, wheelchair, etc.) seating?

If you are in need of accessible (i.e., ADA, wheelchair, etc.) seating, please call the ticket office at 574-631-7356 during your selection time. We will help you select seats in the appropriate area.

Shamrock Series

Who is eligible to apply for Shamrock Series tickets?  

All members of the Notre Dame Family who receive a lottery application will be eligible to apply for the Shamrock Series. Football Ticket Members will also be eligible for to apply for Shamrock Series tickets.

Will the Shamrock Series tickets be a lottery?  

Given the small capacity of the venue and the anticipated high demand, we anticipate the Shamrock Series will be a lottery.

Is it possible to receive tickets at a lower price level than the one I applied for?  

Yes. Should demand exceed supply for any given price level, a lottery will be conducted at that price level. Those who did not receive tickets at this price level will automatically be placed within the lottery for the next lower price level.

Will Shamrock Series tickets be shipped with my other lottery or season tickets in August?  

No. Shamrock Series tickets will be mailed separately at a later date in October.

Shipping & Delivery

When will tickets ship?

Home game tickets and parking purchased through the lottery will ship in mid-August via FedEx. Away game tickets will be mailed approximately 3-4 weeks prior to each away game. Shamrock Series tickets will be mailed in October.

How do I update my address?

You will have the chance to update your address at the checkout page. If you need to make an address change after you have completed your application, you can email those changes to Please try to keep your information up to date to ensure your tickets and communications are delivered to the proper address.

Application Level

I believe the application I received is not at the correct level, who should I contact?

If you believe the application you received is incorrect, please contact Donor Services at 574-631-5150.