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Live Chat With Irish Hockey Standout Tom Galvin.

Notre Dame senior defenseman Tom Galvin is a three-year letter winner and a key member of the Irish defensive unit.

Chat Live With Irish Hockey Standout Tom Galvin

Chat takes place Thursday, March 25.

Irish hockey standout Tom Galvin is stopping by on Thursday at 2:00 PM EST to talk about the NCAA tournament, the season and anything else on Irish fans’ minds.

For the first time in the 36-year history of the Notre Dame hockey program, Galvin and the Irish are going to the NCAA tournament. Notre Dame will face the two-time defending national champion University of Minnesota Golden Gophers on Saturday, March 27 at 12:00 noon at Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Van Andel Arena.

Notre Dame senior defenseman Tom Galvin is a three-year letter winner and a key member of the Irish defensive unit. The Miller Place, New York, native was named the CCHA Defensive Player of the Week on Feb. 15 after tallying a goal and two assists on Notre Dame?s Feb. 14 victory over Ferris State.

The 5-10, 190-pound Galvin has played in each of Notre Dame?s 38 games on the season to date, notching one goal and 18 assists. He assisted on fellow defenseman Neil Komadoski?s second period goal in front of a sellout crowd on Feb. 28 as the Irish defeated No. 4 Michigan, 5-2, at the Joyce Center. The management major also received Special Mention CCHA All-Academic team this season.

Please feel free to leave questions for Tom in advance and check back later for his response.

Tom Galvin: Hello everyone. I’m excited to be here today to answer your questions.
Kelly (South Bend): Congratulations on reaching your goal of playing in the NCAA tournament. How do you guard against any kind of feelings of being overwhelmed or awed when you step out on the ice for the game Saturday?
Tom Galvin: Thank you very much, we are all excited to make Notre Dame hockey history. We have played some top notch opponents this year and have done relatively well. There will be some butterflies on saturday, but once the puck is dropped our team will be ready to go.
Matt (alberta): Tommy, even though i am the worst player on my hockey team, and everyone hates me, do you think that i will be able to outgrow my insecurities and make an impact later in my career? By the way i love how you play….you remind me of sergi zubov!
Tom Galvin: Matty your are a good hockey player…..the best way i can put it is that you have all the tools but no tool box. Just keep up the hardwork. And yes me and sergei have some similarities…I am thinking of changing my name to Galvanov
Marc, Indianapolis: How do you feel about the bid and what do you think your chances are?
Tom Galvin: I was ecstatic to finally make it to the NCAAs. It has been a roller coaster season and 4 years for myself and my fellow seniors. I think we have as good a chance as anybody. If we play smart and determined and also get great goaltending (which we have been getting all year) The sky is the limit (RIP B.I.G)
Mike Haynes (Holbrook,NY): Hi Tom, first of all Congrats!! Can you answer this rumor thats going around, Is it true that your youngest brother was the best athlete in the family and could have maybe gone pro in hockey before he got hurt in which ended his career plus future in hockey. So is this rumor true?
Tom Galvin: I didnt know laziness and stupidity was an injury. I think your talking about Greg aka the black eye on the Galvin family. He had some talent but mostly he had the same last name as his older and more talented brother. The rumor is false.
bemidji: minnesota has 13 players who have been drafted by the nhl or 52% of their roster. they are extremely quick and play a punishing physical game as is required to survive in the wcha. what does notre dame need to do to offset minn game? thank you tom
Tom Galvin: Thanks for the statistics, that sounds like a very talented lineup. For us to compete, we have to stick to our game plan and not get into a high scoring affair. Also, staying out of the penalty box is going to be key due to their great power play.
w (canada0: how do you feel about freshamn goalie david brown. I think he is ugly how do you feel?
Tom Galvin: He is quite peculiar looking. For you canadiens out there, that means he is strange looking. He has loads of talent and has been a big part of our success this year. Just ask him. Also, he needs to stop reading The Source and Vibe for fashion tips.
Sean (South Bend): Your defense and penalty kill have been your strong points this year. What the heck happened against Ohio State last week? Can the same thing be avoided this weekend?
Tom Galvin: The game against OSU was out of character for us. There is an old saying that the worst lead in hockey is a two goal lead. I guess that game proved that theory. We can avoid a similiar outcome if we stick to our game plan. Which is keep it simple and limit the turnovers. In order to keep our season alive, we must recommit to stronger defensive play and win the special teams matchups.
Mama Schaumes (Centereach, New York): What’s your pregame meal? Do you still eat barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers smoked in Marlboros like I used to make for you when you were 10?
Tom Galvin: Mama Schomes, where have you been? No, I have become a much healthier eater. So no more Marlboro hot dogs. Now I eat chicken and pasta. Please contact me as soon as possible so we can catch up. So hello to Marty and Steve.
Jon(Orlando, FL): Tom, You obviously have two very talented goalies this year. How tough of a pick is it for your coach as to who will start Saturday, and if you know, who is it going to be?
Tom Galvin: That is a very difficult question for coach, but is a nice problem to have. As a player I am confident in either netminder. They both have been integral parts to our success this season. No, I have no idea who is starting.
komo(stl): who is the best gm in fantasy hockey of all time
Tom Galvin: That would have to be me, Seaweed
Longdistancefan -Marion, OH: Congrats to you and the rest of the team on your success so far. Your personal achievements, despite obstacles, are commendable. Best of Luck this Saturday! Play Tough. Get the Team to Focus. Would you care to comment on the rumor picked off the national newswire that you are rated in the top three on your team for being able to consume the most food at a single meal? GO ND!
Tom Galvin: Who are your sources? That rumor is false. I am rated number one overall in food consumption on my team. Thanks for the support.
Albert (st. Louis): Tommy, How are the Mets gonna be this year? They seem to get dominated by the Cards consistently. Can they get out of the cellar this year. Good luck in the NCAAs.
Tom Galvin: Mr. Pujols shouldn’t you be working out or taking your supplements from BALCO. The Cards will not make the playoffs this year. Just like the Blues. Matsui will be the difference this year.
Casey (Mishawaka): Hey Tommy! How does it feel to be going to the first ever NCAA tournament for the Notre Dame hockey program your senior year? GOOD LUCK!
Tom Galvin: It has been a long time coming for this program. To make it into the tourney my final year is a dream come true. Hopefully, we can continue to make some noise.
Hank (Cheeseville, USA): Congrats on the NCAA bid to you and the squad, best of luck at the tourney. As a fan,i was very excited to see the success of the team this year. Relay a “Hello” and a “Good Luck” to the boys from “Hank”.
Tom Galvin: Thank you very much. Cheeseville sounds like an exciting place to live. I will relay the message. Best of luck.
Jon Cullen (Huntington, NY): How come you haven?t been drafted by any pro teams? I think you are a very good player and hope you at least have some people are looking at you, you do everything right and don?t hurt the team at all and huge asset to the team. What are your plays after college hockey? Are you hoping to get sign by a team after college? Any your buddy Mike Walsh got drafted by the Rangers, how do you think he will do there since they are going all young now.
Tom Galvin: The reason why is that many GMs fear me. They don’t want me to get into their organization and take over their duties due to my success in the fantasy leagues. I would love to play for anyteam, except the Islanders. Mike Walsh will fit in perfectly in New York. He has a love for fashion and New York is the fashion capital of the world. He loves Lacoste clothing.
Michelle (Chicago): What you think about your brother Mike, he is very firery kid just like Matt Baranby, who would; you compare him to in the NHL, if he had played further in his life
Tom Galvin: He would be a less physical Pavel Datsyuk. But without all the talent and cool first name.
Harry (NY): What was your favorite Stadium to play in ever? What the most talented team and person you have ever played against so far in your life to date?
Tom Galvin: Those are great questions. Favorite place to play is the Joyce Center. We had that place rocking this year against Michigan and also the horn is a nice touch. Most talented player would have to be either Kunitz or Yellow Bucket. Most talented team would have to be Mayer Dek All Stars from my Dek Hockey days.
John Friedmann, Atlanta, GA: As a former ND hockey player, congratulations to you and your teammates on your accomplishments. How has Coach Poulin helped the team psychologically going into the Minnesota game?
Tom Galvin: Thanks for the support. We owe alot to the hockey alumni who have helped build this program. Coach has been great all year. We are all very excited to make it to the tournament. So Coach has continued to harp on the fundamentals and realize what a great oppurtunity we have.
Greg (Boston,Mass): Hey Tommy Boy, Congrats man!! I know you are a gym rat and love the gym, Can you tell use real quick your work out schedule and how did you get the diesel body of yours and the meal plan that you eat, so you can help the weaker people like me out to get bigger?
Tom Galvin: I work out 4 days a week in the gym, 2 upper and 2 lower. Throughout the week it is important to eat alot of good food and get lots of rest. I consume alot of protein and Mich Ultras. There is hope for you yet.
nycfan: what are your plans after college Tom? good luck on saturday..hit em hard!!!
Tom Galvin: I hope to continue to play hockey if the oppurtunity presents itself. I still love to play and wouldn’t mind being paid to do it. Thanks for the support.
Tom Galvin: Thanks everyone for all the question sorry I couldn’t answer them all. I look forward to this weekend. If you can try to make it up to Grand Rapids to support the team. Thanks again for your time and best wishes.