Oct. 11, 2004

The following is the calendar for the 2004-05 NCAA legislative cycle. Currently, the membership is in an amendment period whereas the proposed legislation may be clarified or altered based on feedback from the sponsors of the legislation. Please note that the proposals can be found on the NCAA website at www.ncaa.org. If you have any questions or feedback on a proposal please call the Compliance staff at 574-631-8090. The final approval for any proposals will be at the Board of Directors meeting on April 28th. We’ll keep you posted!


Entities submitting or reviewing legislative proposals Timeline
Legislation submission deadline for both conferences and cabinets July 15, 2004.
Initial “web based” publication August 15, 2004.
Management Council Administrative Committee referral to cabinets August 15, 2004.
Cabinet review September 2004.
Initial amendment period July 15-October 19, 2004.
Management Council Meetings October 18-19, 2004.
Deadline for publication of official notice November 15, 2004.
Membership discussion during Convention/Educational sessions NCAA Convention
January 9-10, 2005.
Conference meetings NCAA Convention
January 9-10, 2005.
Management Council initial consideration of legislation January Management Council meeting
January 10, 2005
60-day comment/amendment period January 11 — March 12, 2005.
Legislative Subcommittee develops consent package March 2005.
Management Council second consideration of legislation April 11-12, 2005.
Board of Directors final approval April 28, 2005.
60-day override period April 28 — June 27, 2005.