Dale Purdy earned a critical win in the match against Yale, clinching a 14-13 win en route to a 4-2 team record at the NYU Invitational.

Irish Fencing Wins Eight At NYU Invitational

Jan. 22, 2012

NEW YORK, N.Y. – After finishing with 2-3 records in Saturday’s action at the St. John’s Duals, the University of Notre Dame men’s and women’s fencing team posted identical 4-2 records Sunday at the NYU Invitational at the Coles Sports Center to close the weekend with 6-5 records.

The men gained momentum early on the day’s action, recording three consecutive wins to begin the event. In the opening bout, the Irish found themselves behind 13-12 to Yale with only two epee bouts remaining. Needing both points, James Kaull (Washington, D.C.) and Dale Purdy (Ligonier, Pa.) responded, defeating Cornelius Saunders and Benjamin Mappin-Kasirer, respectively to claim the 14-13 win. The next two matches saw a 21-6 decision over Columbia and a 20-7 win over North Carolina.

The first loss of the day came in the fourth match as sixth-ranked St. John’s outlasted the Irish for a 14-13 victory. With the Irish leading 12-11 and needing only two points to clinch, the Red Storm won three consecutive bouts over Jack Piasio (DuBois, Pa.), Reggie Bentley (Little Rock, Ark.) and Purdy. Notre Dame split the final two matches of the day, claiming a 21-6 win over NYU before dropping a 20-7 contest to fifth-ranked Ohio State.

On the women’s side, the squad traded wins and losses in each of their first four matches, earning victories over Yale (22-5) and fourth-ranked Northwestern (19-8) and falling to Columbia (15-12) and fifth-ranked St. John’s (14-13). Sitting with a record of 2-2 on the day, the women closed with back-to-back victories over NYU (23-4) and sixth-ranked Ohio State (14-13). In the match against the Buckeyes, the contest went to the final bout tied 13-13 where junior Grace Hartman (St. Paul, Minn.) defeated Allison Henvick, 5-2, in the decisive match to clinch the victory.

Notre Dame now returns home to play host to the Notre Dame Duals on Saturday and Sunday (Jan. 28-29).

NYU Duals Results - New York, N.Y.
Men (4-2):#4 Notre Dame 14, #10 Yale 13 (Epee: 2-7, Foil: 5-4, Sabre: 7-2)#4 Notre Dame 21, Columbia 6 (Epee: 8-1, Foil: 8-1, Sabre: 5-4)#4 Notre Dame 20, North Carolina 7 (Epee: 7-2, Foil: 8-1, Sabre: 6-3)#6 St. John's 14, #4 Notre Dame 13 (Epee: 4-5, Foil: 5-4, Sabre: 4-5)#4 Notre Dame 21, NYU 6 (Epee: 7-2, Foil: 5-4, Sabre: 9-0)#5 Ohio State 20, #3 Notre Dame 7 (Epee: 3-6, Foil: 3-6, Sabre: 1-8)
Women (4-2):#3 Notre Dame 22, Yale 5 (Epee: 8-1, Foil: 8-1, Sabre: 6-3)Columbia 15, #3 Notre Dame 12 (Epee: 5-4, Foil: 5-4, Sabre: 2-7)#3 Notre Dame 19, #4 Northwestern 8 (Epee: 5-4, Foil: 7-2, Sabre: 7-2)#5 St. John's 14, #3 Notre Dame 13 (Epee: 4-5, Foil: 6-3, Sabre: 3-6)#3 Notre Dame 23, NYU 4 (Epee: 8-1, Foil: 8-1, Sabre: 7-2)#3 Notre Dame 14, #6 Ohio State 13 (Epee: 3-6, Foil: 5-4, Sabre: 6-3)