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Introducing The Irish Softball Freshmen

Feb. 16, 2017

As told to JP Bruno `18

Notre Dame softball welcomed five new players to the squad in 2017: outfielder Alexis Bazos, catcher Madison Heide, infielder Katie Marino, infielder Chelsea Purcell and infielder Ellie Richards. Let’s get better acquainted with the Irish softball Class of 2020.

How would you describe your first semester at ND?

Katie Marino (KM): “It was a challenge getting used to everything. Softball, school, social, learning to make it all work. But we’re good now.”

Chelsea Purcell (CP): “It was a challenge, and there were lots of trials and tribulations, but we had an automatic support system with the team that helped a lot. Also, professors and academic advisers.”

Alexis Bazos (AB): “Every day here you’re forced to be the best version of yourself, both with softball and in the classroom. Everyone has been super supportive and made accomplishing that possible.”

Madison Heide (MH): “There is an adjustment period, but with everything it is now coming together easier.”

Ellie Richards (ER): “Every day we’re pushed by our coaches, professors, each other. We’ve all gotten more comfortable.”

Do you have any nicknames?

CP: “Madison is Midge. I’m Chels. Katie is Katie Marino. Ellie is Elle-Bell. And Alexis is Lexie.”

What is the biggest difference between high school and college softball?

CP: “The mental part. You need to be able to handle all the different plays from every part of the field. The bar is raised.”
KM: “The speed.”
AB: “You can get away with not doing the small things perfectly in high school but here you’ll notice it every time, and you need to correct it right away.”
ER: “Time management in class and on the field.”
MH: “In college you try to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

What is your favorite activity outside of softball?

(All at once): “Eating.”
CP: “Studying, that’s where Ellie always is.”
MH: “Movie nights!”
CP: “Hanging out with other student-athletes. They understand where you’re coming from and are on similar schedules.”
KM: “… Also, sleeping.”

Do you have any rituals or superstitions?

MH: “I put on my right shin guard first.”
KM: “I stretch to the sky then touch my toes (stepping into the batter’s box), if I don’t I panic.”
ER: “If I do well in certain hairstyles or socks, I’ll wear the same next game.”
CP: “I wear a bow or bubbles. Bubbles is a hairstyle.”

What is your favorite place on campus?

CP: “Lafun (LaFortune).”
MH: “My bedroom, it is the best room on campus because, sleep.”
ER: “The dining hall/training table, anywhere I can get food or sleep.”
AB: “The softball stadium.”

What word would you use to describe your class?

(Huddle to decide): “Resilient.”

Do you have any fun facts?

CP: “Katie is a twin. Alexis’ neighbor is Blake Lively. Ellie’s brother (Lane Richards ’16) played baseball for ND.”
AB: “Chelsea is best dancer on the team.”
KM: “Madison Whips (dance) all the time…”

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