Entry 5: May 26, 2002

Sunday, we took another boat ride from the hotel in Mestre into Venice. Some of us attended Mass in the San Marco (St. Mark’s) Basilica there, while the rest of the team wandered the island. Even though I understand two or three words the entire Mass (which was in Italian and Latin), the church itself was so beautiful that just gazing at the art was a prayer for my eyes. By far, it was my favorite church …

Later, we watched a glass-blowing demonstration, which is a very unique and amazing art. All I know is when we toured the room full of glass-blown art, and Jackie, Jeneka and I heard something fall across the room, we booked it outside. What an expensive tragedy!

Karen, Katy, Jeneka, Jackie, Kelly (our manager) and I took a gondola ride after that … you know, the boats through the “streets” that are driven by Italian men in black and white shirts. =) I’m a big fan, though I wish he sang during the ride. Instead, Karen and Jackie gave us a rendition of “Rock The Boat” … ha ha! I appreciated the song much more being on a gondola!

In addition to this exciting day, Teresa, Jackie and I were witness to a most spectacular display of Coach McGraw’s talents at dinner. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Coach has the best rendition of Superman’s motto (faster than a speeding bullet …) in just three breaths of anyone I’ve ever met. Maybe it will make our trip highlight film! =)

We didn’t do a whole lot after our late dinner because, unfortunately, the travel has begun to tire me! It seems as though we’ve been gone for so long. I think it’s because everything is so different.

Tomorrow we’re off to Milan and Como, which means more shopping and sightseeing! Until then … arrividerci from Italy!!