Irish Athletic Teams To Wear American Flags on Uniforms
Notre Dame will remember the victims, as well as the rescue efforts around the country.

Sept. 18, 2001

Notre Dame, Ind. – The University of Notre Dame football, volleyball and men’s and women’s soccer teams will wear American flags on their uniforms to remember the victims of last week’s terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C., as well as to honor and encourage those involved in the rescue efforts at these sites.

The football team will wear an American flag decal next to the NCAA logo on the back of its helmets for the remainder of the season. Last week, the American Football Coaches Association asked all head coaches for an American flag be placed on helmets “in remembrance of the victims and in honor of those who have worked so valiantly to save lives in the days following the events of Sept. 11.”

Starting with tonight’s match against Valparaiso, the volleyball team will have a flag embroidered on its left sleeve. Both the men’s and women’s soccer teams will wear an embroidered flag on the front left chest of their uniforms for games this week at Alumni Field.

“We felt by wearing American flags on our uniforms, this was a way that we could honor the victims of last week’s tragedies around the country, as well as those still working at the scenes of these horrific events. We want everyone to know they are constantly in our thoughts and prayers,” Notre Dame director of athletics Kevin White said.