Brian Boulac Named General Manager Of The Joyce Center
Boulac brings 31 years of Notre Dame athletic experience to position.

June 1, 2001

South Bend, IN –

Assistant athletic director Brian Boulac, with 31 years ofexperience on the Notre Dame athletic staff, has assumed the position ofgeneral manager of the Joyce Center and is responsible for the day-to-dayoperations of the building.

Boulac has been serving as an assistant athletic director in his18th year of working in the daily operation of the athletic department.After 13 years as a member of the Irish football coaching staff, he movedinto the administrative ranks in 1983.

This past year, Boulac worked with associate athletic directorBernard Muir in student development. He previously served as anadministrator for the Irish track and cross country teams, the swimming anddiving teams, the softball squad and the fencing teams. He also was anathletic department liaison with the admissions and financial aiddepartments.

Boulac served for four years (’89-’92) as head coach of the NotreDame women’s softball team and was an eight-year member of the NCAA fencingcommittee. He and his wife Micki have four daughters, Dawn, Denise, Deborahand Dyan (all Notre Dame graduates), three of whom (Dawn, Debbie and Dyan)earned monograms with various Irish teams.