Alumni Alley FAQ

What is Alumni Alley?

A new limited quantity, all-standing cheering section that will be established this season (2002). It will be adjacent to the student section and should help intensify the atmosphere in the stadium. Individuals who elect to be a part of this section will be expected to stand for the entire game and participate in this vocal cheering section.

Where did Alumni Alley originate?

A large group of Alumni expressed interest in a cheering section. As such this area was created.

What is the objective of Alumni Alley?

To loudly support the Irish, to enhance the atmosphere in Notre Dame Stadium, and to further increase the home field advantage.

How does Alumni Alley impact my lottery chances?

It does NOT. The ticket lottery will be run as in the past. If following the lottery the number of requests for Alumni Alley still exceed supply, a second lottery will be held for tickets to that section. Those who are successful in the regular ticket lottery, but lose in the second will simply receive tickets in another part of the Stadium.

What will Alumni Alley be like next year?

The success of Alumni Alley will be continually evaluated and considerations on changes will be made at the end of the season.

How do I get tickets in Alumni Alley?

First, you must receive your Alumni Lottery application as a result of your relationship with the University. Once you have chosen the games you would like to enter into the lottery from the available list, you will need to write “STANDING” in the upper right corner of your application. You will also need to specify the games that you wish to have tickets in Alumni Alley by listing them in the upper right corner of the application.

Why is Alumni Alley in its current location?

Given the need to relocate hundreds of season ticket holders in a short period of time, we were unable to create a section for Alumni Alley in the south end zone. However, at the conclusion of the season we will readdress other locations.