Photo Display Of 1990s Monogram Club Ring Of Names Available On UND.COM
Each panel of golden name additions now can be viewed on the internet.

  • Monogram Club Unveiling Ceremony Photo Gallery
  • Monogram Club, The 1990s #1-18 Photo Gallery
  • Monogram Club, The 1990s #19-24 Photo Gallery
  • Monogram Club, The 1990s #25-34 Photo Gallery

    Jan. 23, 2001

    Notre Dame produced some 1,700 varsity athletics monogram winners during the highly-successful decade of the 1990s and those individuals were honored on January 15-just moments before the Irish women’s basketball team’s upset of then-#1 Connecticut-during a short, impromptu “unveiling ceremony” near the south end of the Joyce Center concourse.

    Thirty-six panels containing past letterwinners from the 1990s (and some holdovers from the 1980s) were unveiled that day and have been enjoyed by visitors to the Joyce Center during the past week.

    For those not able to reach South Bend any time soon, the Notre Dame National Monogram Club has provided a website photo gallery showing each of the 36 panels, in addition to other photos taken of the area during the unveiling ceremony-which featured former Irish basketball great Beth Morgan as the special guest who tore down the coverings to reveal the first 18 panels (current Irish equipment manager-and former student manager-Henry Scroope then unveiled the remaining panels).

    Monogram Club past president Marty Allen made the drive down from his hometown of Grand Rapids, Mich., and made some brief remarks prior to the unveiling. Those in attendance included former Notre Dame baseball catcher and current executive director of the Notre Dame Alumni Association, Chuck Lennon.

    For more information about the ring-of-names project, please contact Monogram Club archivist Pete LaFleur at (219) 631-7516 or