Notre Dame's chapter, spearheaded by graduate linebacker Joe Schmidt, raises money and awareness for osteosarcoma, a rare malignant bone cancer that affects children.

Football, Uplifting Athletes Bowling Event Set For July 12

July 2, 2015

In order to raise awareness and research dollars for the rare disease it champions — osteosarcoma – the University of Notre Dame chapter of Uplifting Athletes will hold two unique fundraising events in July.

“We’re very excited to put together two events with Uplifting Athletes this summer,” said Irish linebacker Joe Schmidt. “We have the best fans in the country and we couldn’t be more excited about partnering with them again as we continue the battle against osteosarcoma.”

The Fighting Irish football team will host their third-annual bowling event at 10 a.m., Sunday, July 12 at Strikes & Spares Event Center in Mishawaka, Indiana. Notre Dame will also participate in a Lift For Life event on Thursday, July 23.

The bowling event gives the community and fans an opportunity to personally engage and support the football student-athlete led chapter. Participants will bowl with Irish players for an hour. Registration is $30 per person.

“Last year’s bowling event was extremely rewarding for our chapter, our team and everyone that participated,” said Schmidt. “It’s a great time to interact with our fans and also generate awareness for a wonderful organization. We look forward to building upon last year’s success.”

Lift For Life is the signature fundraising event for the Uplifting Athletes nationwide network of 25 college football student-athlete led chapters.

Notre Dame’s chapter, spearheaded by Schmidt, raises money and awareness for osteosarcoma, a rare malignant bone cancer that affects children. It chose this cause in honor of Sam Grewe who was diagnosed with the rare condition in 2011, but has been cancer free for just over two years.

Uplifting Athletes is a national nonprofit organization aligning college football with rare diseases. Each campus chapter is run by football student-athletes and works to elevate its chosen rare disease as a national priority through outreach, research, education and advocacy. These rare diseases affect less than 200,000 Americans and consequently little attention is paid to them.

The network of university chapters brings the mission of Uplifting Athletes to life. College football players in each university chapter hold special events, fundraising campaigns or awareness drives to attract fans and media, making their chosen rare disease more visible and generating new money for research.

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