Sept. 4, 2006

As the 2006 University of Notre Dame home football season begins, here are some valuable informational items for ticket-holders who will be visiting the campus:

TICKETS — Safeguard your tickets, keep them in a secure location – and treat them like cash! Everyone needs a ticket for admission, regardless of age.

TICKET RESALE — Adhere to the Athletic Ticket Resale Policy. The ticket office actively monitors secondary market sales and enforces this policy. So far this year more than 600 tickets have been revoked and privileges of the owners have been suspended. In fact, 400 of those tickets were caught prior to being sent to the customer. Those tickets were resold to alumni who lost in the lottery. A Ticket Office Resale Violator Tipline is available via email: Please send any suspected violators or information to this address.

TICKET FRAUD — With high demand for this year’s tickets, scams and ticket fraud are on the rise. Be very cautious when buying tickets from any entity other than the University. For more information, refer to the July Ticket Office Fraud and Scam Alert.

PRIDE — Protect the Notre Dame home-field advantage! Wear Notre Dame colors and do not provide tickets to visiting team fans!

CAMPUS PARKING — In the last few years there have been significant changes in the campus and surrounding roadway infrastructure due to campus improvements. Arrive early to be assured of a spot so you can gain entrance to the Stadium by kickoff. Many roadways that you may have been accustomed to utilizing are no longer available: 2006 Parking Map.

GAMEDAY PARKING – All gameday drive-up parking is located in the White Field (north of campus) which is accessed from Juniper Road via Cleveland road. Do not approach from the south. Do not approach from internal campus.

BUS PARKING — Bus parking has also been relocated from directly south of Joyce Center to Old Edison Road due to road changes. ALL busses should approach from the south.

JUNIPER ROAD — Juniper Road between Douglas Road and Angela Blvd./Edison Road is closed permanently to traffic.

RESERVED PARKING — If you have a reserved parking pass please be sure to follow the directions on the reverse of the pass and follow the directions of parking attendants. Limited reserved parking is still on sale. Please contact the Ticket Office for more information by calling 574-631-7356 Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EDT. Restrictions apply. You must have purchased tickets directly through the Notre Dame Ticket Office to be eligible to purchase parking. Please call for details. Lots and availability are subject to change.

Please review the links below for more information on football parking, directions and additional information:

TIME ZONE — As of, April 2, 2006, the state of Indiana began observing daylight savings. As such, Notre Dame is in the Eastern Time Zone (EDT through last weekend in October, then EST) and will be aligned with the east coast year-round.

SMOKING — In accordance with a new St. Joseph County ordinance, there will be no smoking in any part of Notre Dame Stadium. Passouts will not be permitted.

POLICIES — For more information on gameday and stadium policies: click here.

ALCOHOL — As a reminder, alcohol is prohibited in Notre Dame Stadium.

TAILGATING — There is no tailgating permitted in parking lots during the football games.