Aug. 18, 2015

KeiVarae Russell – Senior – Cornerback

On returning from injuryââ’¬¦

“The game has definitely came back to me in the week to two weeks I’ve been back. It just comes back to what I was talking about before, I have played 26 games so it’s not like I’m a true freshman trying to get the hang of things. I understand the speed of the game, the scheme of the game and I understand what offenses are trying to do. I know the defense well, so with all that knowledge the game comes back to you pretty quickly.”

On the most challenging part of getting back to playing formââ’¬¦

“I think the mental factor, just because you want to get back to where you were. I know how high my ceiling was and how close I was getting toward not being considered a good corner, but a great corner. It’s just tough because I’m trying to get back to that point, but I think so far I’m really getting close to that point I was. I’m consistently working on my technique and craft to get back to where I was and even exceed that.”

On covering Biletnikoff Award candidate Will Fuller in practiceââ’¬¦

“It is great. I have a guy to cover who had 1,000 yards last season, so I’m going against an elite receiver. I give him my best everyday and knows it too. It’s one of those things that shows, even though I’ve been out for a year, I can still cover a guy like him.”

On improving defensive play in the red zoneââ’¬¦

“Just going back to the 2012 year, our play [in the red zone] is why we were so good. That year, we were just really good in the red zone. We didn’t care where the ball was, we were going to stop you. That’s the kind of mindset we have been trying to build here.”