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Five Favorite Photos of the Week

Nov. 29, 2017

By Erin Locascio

Erin Locascio is a photography and graphic design intern for the University of Notre Dame. Throughout the year she will have a weekly post about her favorite five photos from the week’s events. This week Locascio is highlighting Notre Dame volleyball and ice hockey.

In each post Locascio will give background information on the photo and why she selected it.

Morris The Wall

Notre Dame goalie Cale Morris makes a save against Minnesota early in the first period. Morris finished the night with 40 saves on 42 shots by the Gophers. The Irish goalie came up huge with big saves all night against an aggressive Minnesota offense. This was one of plenty of pictures of Morris making a save. The Minnesota player finishing his shot and the puck clearly in Morris’ glove makes this one better than the rest. Morris was also awarded Big Ten’s first star for the third consecutive week as he led Notre Dame to a sweep over Minnesota.

Holt Assists Fry

Caroline Holt back sets Sam Fry against Syracuse on Wednesday night. This happens plenty of times a night as Holt is the setter and Fry is a frequent attacker for the Irish. Even though it happens so much, we do not take the time to really look at the whole picture and this shot gives us that chance. The experience Holt has as a senior setter lets her knows exactly where the ball needs to be, which is already in motion, while Fry is starting her approach to the kill. Fry’s eyes are locked into the ball to help the Fighting Irish win a point and get Holt one assist closer to 2,000 assists which she accomplished this past weekend of play.

Fry For The Kill!

Sam Fry rises above the net for a kill against Syracuse. Fry finished the match with 13 kills, marking the 12th time she reached the double-digit mark in kills this season. This is a picture I have gotten at least once a game, but there are certain aspects that make this picture stand out above the rest. I love how the number on Fry’s jersey can be read, as well as her face can be seen. The angle is lower than usually shot and that made it easier for an unobstructed shot. To top it off, Fry’s eyes are locked in on the ball as her teammates are behind her, ready to get the rebound if the ball happens to get blocked. Those two aspects make this one of the best shots of a Sam Fry attack this year.


Dello Gives Irish The Lead

Tory Dello scores to give the Irish the lead early in the second period against the Minnesota Gophers. The second this shot was captured, it was automatically one of the best shots from this past week of action. An errant puck bounced to Dello and with half of the net empty in front of him, he placed it in for his first goal of the season. The goalie was late trying to make the save and the puck is clearly seen above and behind his glove in the goal. With no players in front of Dello or the goalie, the shot comes together perfectly, as the moment is clean and easily captured from the spot I was in.


Commotion In Front

Minnesota took 42 shots on Cale Morris Saturday night. The Gophers attacked and shot any time they had the puck, making it tough on the Irish defense and Morris. This is one of the best shots from that Saturday night game as it shows the pressure the Gophers placed on the Fighting Irish all night. Morris is trying to make room between the Gopher players as Morris’ teammate is trying to push the defender out of the way. This shows how hard of a job a goalie has, not only trying to stop a puck, but also doing it while there are players purposefully trying to block his view.