UND Staff

Ted Mandell

Student Development Producer

phone 631-6953
Email tmandell@nd.edu

A 25-year veteran of the Notre Dame faculty in the Film, Television & Theater department of the College of Arts & Letters, Ted Mandell also assumed new responsibilities in 2011 as the student development producer for Fighting Irish Digital Media.

In his teaching position, Mandell has taught film & video production at Notre Dame. He specializes in post-production, and has served as editor for many independent documentary and commercial projects, as well as an online editor, an audio mixer, and a post-production supervisor for literally hundreds of student films. He also is in charge of the annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival, and is the coordinator of the Summer Scholars film track; director of Inside The Legends, a sports documentary about Lou Holtz and the Notre Dame Japan Bowl; and he is also the author of the multimedia book Heart Stoppers and Hail Marys: The Greatest College Football Finishes (since 1970).