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Chat Live With Neil Komadoski

Senior Neil Komadoski stopped by to answer fan questions live on Wednesday.

Neil Komadoski Chat Transcript

Irish hockey standout answers fans’ questions.

Neil Komadoski stopped by to chat about the season, the upcoming playoffs and everything else on Irish fan’s minds. The senior defenseman answered questions on Wednesday afternoon.

Komadoski is one of Notre Dame’s corp of senior defensemen. He turned in a career-high three-point game in the 4-1 win over Ferris State on Feb. 14. He recorded a pair of power-play goals (his first two-goal game) and added an assist for his three points.

Komadoski is a nominee for the college hockey’s Humanitarian Award that goes to college hockey’s “top citizen.” The Ottawa Senators selected Komadoski in the third round of the 2001 NHL Draft.

Komadoski and the Irish open the CCHA playoffs this weekend against Western Michigan at the Joyce Center.

Neil Komadoski: Hi this is Neil Komadoski. Welcome to the ND chat. Good to have you all here.
Mike –St. Louis: Can you tell me who your idol was growing up?
Neil Komadoski: Well Mike I would have to say that my dad was my idol growing up. He was my coach through my freshmen year of high school and taught me pretty much everything I know about hockey so I looked up to him a great deal.
Chris (mishawaka): Your goal in the Saturday game against Michigan changed the tide of the game. Can you talk about it and did you know that it would lead to the rally that followed?
Neil Komadoski: Actually I had no idea it was going to have that type of effect. I was just trying to get a shot off as quickly as I could and get it on net becase they were doing a great job of blocking our shots from the point that night. Fortunately it found its way in and we were able to feed off of that and get a few more.
Patrick (Vancouver): I am 13 and I play hockey. i want to go to Notre dame. What is the most important skill to have to make it to the college ranks?
Neil Komadoski: Patrick, first thing’s first. You have to make sure you take care of your school work. In order to get a scholarship to Notre Dame, you have to have good grades, so take care of that end of it. As far as the on ice stuff goes, always work hard and listen to your coaches. Most importantly though, always have fun while you’re doing it.
Patrick (Vancouver): What went through your mind when you got dfrafted by Ottawa?
Neil Komadoski: It was one of the most exhilirating times of my life. It has been my goal in hockey to make it to the NHL and being drafted was a huge step in that direction.
jesse gomory naples,fl: From one Defenseman to another; Shoot more in the playoffs!! Go Irish! See you in Florida after the Frozen Four.
Neil Komadoski: Thanks Jesse, I’ll try!
jason gomory naples,fl: we heard you got stitches last game. how is the cut???
Neil Komadoski: The cut is fine, it’s healing up nicely. My ear was pretty swollen but that’s all gone now too. Back to normal.
Sara – Mishawaka: What is the best part about playing hockey for Notre Dame?
Neil Komadoski: The best part about playing for Notre Dame is representing one of the most storied college programs in college sports. It’s such an amazing tradition here and it’s an honor to be a part of it.
Bill (Philadelphia): Neil – What is like to play for Dave Poulin? What kind of a coach is he?
Neil Komadoski: It’s a great experience. He has so much knowledge about the game and what it takes to get to the next level. As far as his coaching style goes, he’s a player’s coach. He’s been through it all and can relate to us and what we’re going through throughout the season. It’s really helpful.
Mark (South Bend): Can you talk a little about the the two big wins over Michigan and how they will help you as you go into the playoffs?
Neil Komadoski: The weekend against Michigan was one of the biggest of my college career. They’re a great team and we were able to get two wins against them so that was huge for us. We’ve been playing well lately and those wins are going to help propel us to make a good playoff run.
Alex (Detroit): Neil-How excited is the team about hosting their opening games in the CCHA playoffs? Is this a big advantage?
Neil Komadoski: We’re very excited about hosting the first round. It’s been a goal of ours from the start of the season so getting it was huge for us. As far as advantages go, I think evey team would like to host the first round, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to winning. Western is a very good hockey team and in order to beat them we have to play extremely well, whether it is here or on the road.
dave boettjer galveston,in: Neil, My 6 year old grandaughter Ashton comes to the games with me and has gotten some hockey sticks from some of the visiting teams and autographs from all of the Irish players. Morgan Cey has told her to come to the playoffs and he would try and give her one of his goaly sticks. She will be there Friday and Saturday night. She wants to know if you could remind Morgan for her and tell him she will be there Friday? I would appreciate it and thank you!! Irish hockey fans, Dave boettjer (betcher) and Ashton McClain She also likes Cory McClean since they both pronounce their names the same Thanks again!!
Neil Komadoski: Dave, thanks for all the support. Tell Ashton I’ll remind Morgan about the stick.
Patrick (Vancouver): What’s the best part about going to Notre Dame?
Neil Komadoski: Patrick, like I said before, playing at one of the best collegiate sports programs in the country is one of the best parts about Notre Dame. It has history and tradition unlike anywhere else.
niagara falls,ontario, canada: hi Neil it must be amazing to be doing so well when you probably where not projected do be doing as well as you are? How much does it help when u have different influences on the team such as Canadian and American hockey players, can it sometimes be a struggle for one another as afar as getting used to the different styles one mught play? Last of all i am a huge IRISH fan – go IRISH go !!!!!!
Neil Komadoski: Yea, I’ve been really successful the past few years so I’m just trying to keep doing what I’ve been doing and trying to improve every day. I think it helps to have different types of guys on the team. We don’t really look at it as Americans vs. Canadians. Everyone brings different talents to our team and we try to bring them all together in order to be successful. Thanks for the support.
Thomas (miller place): How do you feel about your defensive partner (Tom Galvin)? I feel he is similar to sergei zubov, while you look like a poor man’s Dale Purinton. Keep up the goodwork. Good luck in the playoffs!
Neil Komadoski: While he may be similar to Zubov in skill, his body reminds more of a cliff ronning or Brian Rafalski, but Rafalski is way better than Galvin. Dale Purinton is my hero.
Scott (Stillwater, OK): Neil, Congrats on a great season. Your a senior now and your time is almost up in South Bend. Do you look forward to following ND hockey as you continue your career?
Neil Komadoski: Thank you very much. It’s hard to believe my four years here are almost up, they flew by. I will be following ND hockey for a long time. I will still have current teammates playing here for the next three years so I will be keeping tabs on them, making sure they’re taking care of business, but this program is heading in a great direction and they’ve got a lot of success ahead of them.
Kalamazoo: Do you really think your ear can hold up to a pounding from the Broncos?
Neil Komadoski: Hopefully Brett Lebda will make sure that nothing happens to it. The doc did a good job of sewing it up and our esteemed equipment manager Dave Gilbert has given me some extra protection that will protect it from anything, so it should hold up.
Casey(Mishawaka): Do you plan to play professional hockey?
Neil Komadoski: It’s always been one of my goals to play professionaly so hopefully after this year I can continue to work towards it and play in the pros.
sean: Neil, your class of defenseman replaced a group of 4 seniors on the blue line, did you feel any added pressure of having to fill those shoes?
Neil Komadoski: Sean, I don’t know if pressure was the right word. We all wanted to come in and contribute right away and do the best we could. We gained a lot of experience that first year and I think it has helped us become the players we are today.
John (Carlsbad): Neil, how can the NHL improve its product? Do you think removing the two-line pass (like in college) would help?
Neil Komadoski: I don’t think that is going to solve any problems. If you take the red line, teams will just move their trap farther back. I think goaltenders should have their pads regulated and made smaller and if goalies leave the crease they should be able to get hit because I would love to tee of on guys like Morgan Cey and David Brown. That would be fun.
Mark: What’s the key to victory against Western Michigan this weekend?
Neil Komadoski: Mark, I think the biggest key to victory against Western is playing our game. That means working hard, playing well defensively, and capitalizing on our chances. They are a hard working team and we have to be read to match their work ethic.
Jack (Toronto): What do you feel is an appropriate punishment for Todd Bertuzzi? Are there any special ways that the college game avoids situations like this? Any rule changes you would recommend for the NHL (ie, instigator rule) to help avoid things like this is the future?
Neil Komadoski: I think Todd should be suspended for as long as Steve Moore is out of the game. It was an unacceptable play and if Moore is going to be out for seven months as a result of this injuries, Bertuzzi should be as well. I don’t think we have to much of this behavior in the college game because there is no fighting in our game. The NHL has a tough road ahead in dealing with this situation, I’m sure they’ll figure something out.
Jack (Toronto): How has the threat of an NHL work stoppage changed how you prepare for next year? Has it changed anything about the way you play your college season?
Neil Komadoski: No, it hasn’t. I’m just trying to work hard and concentrate on doing as well as we can do in the playoffs. We have a chance to do something special and we don’t want to look past it. When the time comes for that, then I’ll focus on that.
Kelly: Your team seems to have excellent leadership with you, Aaron Gill, and Rob Globke as the captains this year. How would you say this leadership has attributed to this team’s success this year, and do you have any advice for next year’s captains?
Neil Komadoski: I think the three of us have done a good job of leading the team this year, but our entire senior class has had a major impact on our success. We’ve all taken it upon ourselves to make sure we are successful and that everyone else is ready to go too. As far as next year goes, I would just tell whoever the captains are to make sure everyone is always working hard all the time, especially through the tough times during the season.
Bob (Philadelphia): Neil, you and Tom Glavin have played quite a bit together as a defensive pair over the last 4 years. What are you going to do without him there to do all the heavy lifting next year?
Neil Komadoski: Bob, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Hopefully I’ll have another little guy I can befriend and he can help me out too.
Annie from St. Louis: Hi Neil! I just wanted to tell you that I am a huge fan. Do you think you will come home to St.Louis at all this summer or are you off to the big leagues? We miss you!
Neil Komadoski: I’ll probably be in St. Louis during the summer months and see where I go from there. I’m looking forward to getting home for a longer period of time though, it’s been a while since I’ve been there for an extended time.
PH and CH, South Bend: Great job in the UM game! How do you plan to stay focused during the playoffs?
Neil Komadoski: The playoffs are a grind. We just have to make sure that we’re focused and ready to play our game. It’s up to our seniors to make sure we’re focused and moving in the right direction.
Dave(Stoney Creek ONT): Hi, Neil hope your ear is better! I was just wonder what you thought about your amazing freshman goalie DAVID BROWN? He is an amazing goalie and a great looking guy, his hair is to die for!
Neil Komadoski: Thanks Dave. He is amazing. It’s amazing how he can get his sideburns to be so skinny and look so good. I am not well versed in the music genre of rap as well. thanks brownie!
luigi: You have incredible hand-eye coordination, how do you train for that??
Neil Komadoski: I play Mario Kart for hours and hours every night and dominate every one of my teammates. Do you know anyone who is actually good at that game so I can get some competition?
Calgary: Neil, how’s life on the road? do you enjoy spending time with your roomate or is he too much to handle? who is your roomate? and do you like him?
Neil Komadoski: My roommate is Matt Williams-Kovacs. He’s a young freshmen who needs some direction in his life. I’m the father figure he looks up to and I’m trying to provide that direction. He’s a good guy, I enjoy rooming with him.
John M. (Vermont): I know you Brett Lebda and Tom Galvin are very good friends off the ice (The three amigos). I just want to know what it is like playing with two more quick defenders that are so skilled on the offense, when you are slower and take care more of the defense.
Neil Komadoski: Yea we are good friends. From the movie, we’ve decided who is who. I am Chevy Chase, Tommy is Steve Martin, and Brett is Martin Short (guess why?). The are definitel good offensive forwards, I mean defensemen, and it is an honor to play with them. I just try to be the big slug back there and hit guys when I get the chance and leave all the fancy stuff to them. Good talking to you Mick.
Aaron Kochar (South Bend): Neil, The team has a tremendous home record this year; what attributes for that and what accounts for the disparity between your home and road records? Go Irish!
Neil Komadoski: Our home record is pretty good this year and it’s a result of our fans making the Joyce Center a tough environment for our opponents to play in.
Grover-Fargo, ND: Is it true that Cory Mclean was voted Sexiest Man on campus
Neil Komadoski: No, that is the most blatant lie I have ever heard in my life. That’s like saying Lebda is tall.
Grover-Fargo, ND: Is it true that you have the best Karaoke voice on the team?
Neil Komadoski: Yes, that is true. I am to Karaoke what peanut butter is to jelly.
Mom: Could you call me, I have not talked to you in about twenty minutes. Thanks hun. Love you.
Neil Komadoski: Yes mom, but the cell phone bill is going to be expensive.
Neil Komadoski: Thanks for all of your questions. If you want to see some good hockey, come check out the Irish this weekend as we take on Western Michigan in the first round of the CCHA playoffs at the Joyce Center. Thanks again!